Monday, June 30, 2008

Mississippi Wedding Memories

This past weekend we had the pleasure of attending a beautiful wedding! The bride is the daughter of my first cousin Kathleen. The wedding took place at Our Lady of the Gulf (isn't that a pretty name) on Beach Boulevard in Bay St. Louis, MS. The church faces the Gulf and the view is incredible!

The church has had some hard times since it was severely damaged in August of 2005 during Katrina. Below is the church as it looks today...the major structure of the building withstood the storm! Other buildings close by did not fare as well. Kathleen's home, which was next door to the church, was washed away with the storm surge.

The most amazing thing about Katrina and this church is that these beautiful stained glass windows that would seem so fragile withstood the hurricane winds, yet every one of the heavy wood pews were washed away! Click here to see a picture of the inside of the church after Katrina.
This is a statue standing in the church today that was heavily damaged by Katrina. It was recovered from the debris and lovingly restored to it's former beauty by church members.
Everything about the wedding was beautiful including the gorgeous bride and handsome groom! The church was packed-I think everyone in Bay St. Louis was there! I didn't take photos there since a professional photographer was present.

The reception was held at the Great Southern Club on the 15th floor of the Hancock Plaza building in Gulfport, MS. The room is surrounded by glass with a breathtaking view of the Gulf.

Jubilation, a band from New Orleans , provided the music and it was awesome! They played old favorites such as My Girl, Mustang Sally, Sweet Caroline, Brown Eyed Girl...and on and on.
My husband and I were totally surprised when we recognized Willard, one of the band members. He and his wife Erin had traveled with us and a group from New Orleans to Italy for New Years! On that trip he played with the New Orleans Jazz Ambassadors. It really is a small world after all! Here are some picture highlights of the day.

Amanda and her dad enjoying a dance

Amanda, Kevin (the groom) and Kathleen, mom of the bride

My Aunt Jane, the bride's grandmother...

My husband and I enjoying the music!

And finally, here is a collage of note cards that the bride and groom presented to their guests. These photos were taken in Bay Saint Louis before Katrina by Mimi, the bride's aunt and godmother.

Mimi died a tragic death in the early part of 2007. I thought this was such a special way to memorialize and honor her memory. I'm sure she would approve of being such a special part of the festivities!

Attending the wedding was really enjoyable for us. Not only did we get to witness the beginning of what promises to be a wonderful marriage, but we got to visit with so many family members that we don't see that often. I'm to thankful that we had the opportunity to go!


Jan & Tom's Place said...

Good Morning Diane...

It looks like you had a fantastic time at the wedding...and all the pix are beautiful!

Thanks for the "visit" and your comment on my Recipes! Do try them, they're yummy!


Shelia said...

Hi and I'm so glad you stopped by my new blog! Oh, I love the pictures of the wedding - such a happy occation. I think I'm really going to enjoy this blogging, and I'm meeting so many nice folks like you! Come back and see me sometimes.
Shelia ;)

Dawn said...

Good morning. Your pictures and story about the church were wonderful. How amazing that the stained glass survived Katrina!!!

The bride was just beautiful. How touching to have the note cards. What a thoughtful way to represent her aunt's memory.

Thanks for sharing.

take care,

Pat said...

What a beautiful bride and handsome groom, and what lovely family you have Diane! I wish the new couple much love and happiness.

I am so happy that beautiful church survived! Gulfport was hit so hard by Katrina -- I remember ABC GMA anchor Robin Roberts going back to do news stories in that area after the storm. I hope it's recovering well.

Those note cards were beautiful and a wonderful memento and anice way to honor the bride's god mother.

Glad you enjoyed my post about GW - he's my hero :-)

Hugs, Pat

Heidi Ann said...

Diane, What a wonderful wedding!!! The church is simply beautiful!!! Amazing story about how the windows withstood Katrina, while so much else was damaged!? So glad you had a great time with your family!!!...Heidi :)

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Diane, What a beautiful church, and I agree, the name is quite charming! The bride was beautiful! Your husband looks like an older version of my nephew, who is 12! I will have to try and find a picture of him to show you!

Thanks for the prayers for David!
Hugs, Rhonda

Ruthie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoy meeting new friends.
Your blog is beautiful and I'll enjoy coming back again.
Looks like a wonderful wedding!!

Angel said...

I came across your blog and enjoyed reading about such a lovely wedding. Weddings always make me smile. :-)

Great blog, BTW! Lots to read. Thanks for sharing!

Susie Harris said...

Small world, hehe.. My Aunt and Uncle lived there. They lost their house because it was right on the beach. They have just rebuilt in Diamondhead. Im so glad to see that the church made it ok.. Nice to have found you, Susie H~

Jeanne said...

Diane, thanks for visiting my post. We have been on vacation and I have so many blogging friends to catch up with.

I love the wedding pics and story. Weddings are always a beautiful time no matter who is getting married, but even more when it is someone you love.

Take care, Jeanne

artis1111 said...

Hi I am Kathy and I saw you on Tootsie's blog. Just stoped in , and enjoyed the wedding photos. I love taking pictures as much as I do painting them ,,Kathy,,artis1111 on RMS

Joanne Kennedy said...

What a beautiful church and such a blessing it stood up against Katrina.

The bride was lovely and the wedding all sounds so sweet and touching.

You and your husband sure do look dashing in that photo.

Glad you had a nice time and my best wishes to the Bride and Groom.


Cookie said...

Oh, what a pretty wedding! I'm originally from Mobile, now living in the midwest. It's fun to see photos from the gulf coast.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.


Anonymous said...

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