Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Messy House? Here's some advice....

When I worked, I had someone that cleaned my house every other week. It was so nice to come home and have everything clean at once! Now, I am doing it myself. It seems silly to pay someone to clean when I am perfectly capable of doing it myself. Or so I seems like I can not get it clean all at once! I'm doing good to get one room really sparkling clean. Too much going on I guess.

Yesterday, I cleaned house all day! I was so tired, but not too tired to go to see Mama Mia last night! If you haven't been, go see it! It is a fun movie.
I think I may try Maxine's advice: "Always keep several get well cards on the mantle... so if unexpected guests arrive, they will think you've been sick and unable to clean."

Wonder if that would work?? Seriously, how do you get it all done? One room a day...or one day a week and just about kill yourself? Inquiring minds want to know!
Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Diane, I absolutely love your post this morning. All the kids are still asleep so I have a minute to visit. Also a minute of quiet. Ahhhhhhh! Thank you for being so faithful to my post. Back to your post. I had the same situation when I worked and now I clean too. I have to say I like cleaning, but I never seem to get it all done in one day. I love the joke and I just may try that. Smile!

Take care, Jeanne

Southern Lady said...

Diane, I enjoyed your "Messy House" post and can relate.

I used to do mine myself, and found I either hit it all lightly, or concentrated on a couple of rooms ... and didn't feel like I was accomplishing anything either way.

I finally decided life's too short and we now have the most wonderful lady who comes every Monday and cleans from top to bottom. She's very reasonable and well worth the freedom it gives me from having to clean unless I just want to (which I enjoy sometimes.



Dawn said...

I love Maxine's advice!!! That was so funny. I do it all myself. Years ago my cousin used to clean houses and she would do mine. I am getting closer and closer to having someone come. It's exhausting after working all day, or spending your entire weekend doing it! I like to think I can concentrate on one room at a time, but that never happens. I usually just plug through the entire house!

I vote you get your cleaning lady back!!!

take care,

pammiejo said...

Here we go again, Diane. I did the same thing - had a cleaning lady every other week while working and now do it myself. I'm a room at a time person now. When I was first married - I'd do it all in one evening - don't have the energy or desire anymore to do that! Besides - who needs a house that clean? PAM

Jill said...

Gotta love that Maxine! I may follow her advice too...I am having that same problem, once I clean one room, the others get messed up. Feel like a dog chasing my tail! Oh well!
Have a great day :o)


Alexandra MacVean said...

Good morning, Diane. Ummm, I kinda have mother and hubby help pitch in to clean the house! ;-)

Also, thank you for your love and support. Today is the "big" day and I'm very scared.

PLEASE stop by today for a special award that I gave you.


Anonymous said...

Morning Diane! Thanks for the chuckle. I keep windex and cleaning supplies on the counter when people are coming in so they think I'm about to get to the cleaning or have just finished!lol I think the first solution is we need to be off the computer!?lol I do downstairs on Mondays and up on Tuesdays leaving Wed/Thurs open for what I didn't get done. Friday I've declared as "my day" to do whatever I feel like! Works most weeks but not always. Have a Fun Day - Jeannette

Kim's Treasures said...

My husband and I just had a house cleaning chat this weekend. I want someone to come in every week or every other to just help out. I feel like I just get the downstairs done and have to go back and start the upstairs is well neglected. We shall see what we decide to do but for now it's me and a room at a time.
Have a great day!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Oh Im glad you liked the movie.. My sister and I were going to see it lastnight but she didnt feel well... maybe next time... Susie H~

Anonymous said...

Love the chuckle!!
I can relate I think all women can !
I usually concentrate on one room a day..... ok .. room when the mood hits me,I do a better job that way,but I can be a tornado when I must (hehehe) or a gentle breeze what ever the mood dictates.I figure I am retired and I can do what ever I want.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

LOL!!! I loved this post!

I never had a cleaning lady! Even when I worked nights full time. Eihter the kids pitched in or my husband did.

Even now that I'm retired my husband is a great help, as long as I tell him what to do. My son also helps his wife a lot around the house so I'm happy he saw his dad helping me.

I try to do a little each day and on Friday I try to give everything a good once over so it will be clean all weekend as I don't clean then as we are usually running around somewhere.

A little dust doesn't bother me either ...there are more important things in life than an immaculate!

Hugs, Pat
PS: another award on my blog for you!

Anonymous said...

I love Maxine's idea with the "Get Well" cards! I muight need to get a couple of those. *L*

Fortunately for me, my husband is a neat freak, so that is always helpful, and my daughter cleans the kitchen after dinner every night to earn her allowance. Besides that, I decided last year that I was tired of spending my Saturdays cleaning my house, so now I have a routine cleaning job to do as soon as I get home from work everyday. Mondays is vacuuming and dust and mop the floors. Tuesdays is dust the furniture, etc, and I stick to every week so I know I'm hitting all the main things that need to get done. I do it before I sit down to relax and it has worked well for me. I'm tired after work, but figure I can work just 30 minutes more and have a free Saturday. :-)


Anonymous said...

lol. Love Maxine! I'm so glad I'm not the only one that can't get it all done in a day. It takes me two days if I keep at it. Otherwise a few days. I would love to have a house keeper. O'well, when I win the lotto.

Brandee :-)

Anonymous said...

Loved your post, Loved Maxine's advice, and I also LOVED Mamma Mia!

Anonymous said...

Love your messy house post...Love the Maxine advice..LOL...I think it would have work...LOL Haven't seen Mamma Mis yet. :) Smiles and Hugs

Nancy Rosalina said...

Diane, I needed that little joke today. You should see my house. lol:) I usually clean on Mondays and Thursdays....well, I really clean everyday, but those 2 days are my killer days. Today I haven't done anything!!! Tired I guess...I'll have to do extra tomarrow....LOL:) Nancy

PAT said...

Great minds, Diane. We saw Mama Mia yesterday and I posted about it today. What a fun movie!

No advice on cleaning house. I like Maxine's idea.


Kimba said...

It's funny that you asked this question. I was just had this conversation with a friend. I was really sick during both of my pregnancies so I someone come in every other week during that time. It was so great to have the entire house clean at one time.

Now the most I can hope for is one room each day. It's kind of discouraging.

Thanks for stopping by! It's so nice to "meet" you.

Michele said...

I can so relate...I have a very hard time cleaning when I get home from work. I have all this ambition on the drive home...then I get home and don't want to do a

I'm with Maxine...I'll have to try that!


Picket said...

Gosh I never had a cleaning lady and the weird thing is when all the kids were home I could keep everything spotless and loved cleaning after they went to bed even but these days with so many grown kids and grandkids running in and out I can do a quick clean in pinch but I love to start at the back of the house and work my way to the front and I always want a clean kitchen..just makes you feel better when you get up in the mornings...hope you have had a great day sweetie...I gotta make myself a note to buy some get well cards!!!! lol

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Diane, When you figure it out, please let me be the first one to know that secret! I can't ever get the whole house clean at one time. My dear husband has offered to have someone come once a week, but I don't work outside the home, so I feel it is my responsibility. How do housekeepers come in and clean a house in 1/2 day and it so well!

We went to see Mama Mia this past weekend and it was really good, wasn't it! I just love anything with Meryl Streep in it! :)

~hugs, Rhonda

Rhondi said...

Hi Diane
ABout hanging the plates: You can buy metal plate hangers that hook onto the edges which is what I've always used. But now there are new ones. It is a round disc with a hook on it and it adheres to the plate. I think those are probably much better. They are available at an antique mall near us.
Hope you have a great day.
Hugs, Rhondi

OKGardners said...

I worked full-time for 40+ years and never had cleaning help.

Several years ago my daughter introduced me to website. She has develped a plan to help you clean through your house each month and gives simple, FUN routines. Give it a try. You will like it and it works!

Betty in Oklahoma