Monday, October 18, 2010

2nd Time Around: Oak Hall Tree




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I shared with you all a few months ago a hall tree that I bid on at an auction. Well, since then, one of the antique stores where I have a booth got this oak hall tree in. So, I put it on layaway and am trying to sell my first hall tree at another booth!

I liked this one better-it suits the decor a little more than the other one. Hope now I don’t find another one I like better. LOL



 IMG_7750IMG_7753 IMG_7752


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Chrissie said...

Your hall tree is beautiful. Those old oak hall trees are some of my favorite pieces of antique furniture~

bj said...

Pretty hall tree...If it came to Sweet Nothings, it would be creamy white in a flash..:)))
Thanks much for hosting.

Teresa~ Gardening with Soule said...

I love your hall tree. I also have a beautiful oak hall tree that belonged to my husband's grandmother, then mother and now us. we cherish it. They make a wonderful welcome to your home.

deb said...


Laurie said...

Oh, that is gorgeous! I always love the ones that you can sit on, too -- so practical!

Barbara Jean said...

That hall tree is incredible!!

What a beautiful piece.

Thanks for hosting each week.
You go to a lot of work and e appreciate it.


barbara jean

Southern Lady said...

Very pretty, Diane -- I love the decorative iron hooks. It looks perfect in its new home.

Unknown said...

That is just gorgeous and would look so lovely in my foyer. What a find. If you do find something different that you like, I'll take this one :)

Unknown said...

What a beautiful hall tree! And thanks for hosting this party!

Denise Marie said...

Diane, it is stunning and perfect! I'd have done it too.

Brian + Cheryl B. said...

Mornin Diane :-D
I have always LOVED your type of a coat tree! Place to sit down and take off your boots, as well as hang you coat.
Some friends of ours have one with a different type of seat. It's a big square one that is a box with an open-able lid (seat). The guy swears it's designed for bedrooms, you hang your pj's on the hooks and put a chamber pot inside .... the wife declares (!!) it's for the front entry and the storage space is to hold mittens and scarfs. ;-p

Unknown said...

Great hall tree-thanks for the par-tay!!

Ordinary Hiker said...

Its such a neat item, I just wonder if it is functional for taller people, :) I'd be afraid my BF would sit down on it real quick to put his socks on or get ready in the morning and then bonk his head on the hooks, lol!