Thursday, July 31, 2008

"Tales" of a can of spray paint on Show and Tell Friday

Since I started blogging in May, I have gotten so many ideas from looking at before and after projects on different blogs. Also, I started going to garage sales again!

This tale starts with this vase I picked up at a yard sale. Have you ever bought something at a sale, and then wondered 'what was I thinking'???

That's exactly what happened after I bought this tall urn or vase (??) recently. It laid in my garage for about 3 weeks rejected and sad...once again! I finally decided to do something with it or just chalk it up to experience and toss it out.

So, like I said, reading blogs has been a source of inspiration. I picked up this can of spray paint at Lowes. The color is 'oil rubbed bronze.' I thought that sounded so pretty! is my first finished project. It turned out more black than bronze...I think the name on the can is more of a gimmic! I haven't found the perfect faux flowers yet...I'm thinking of sunflowers or something tall and natural. Feel free to offer suggestions!
I think my daughter Kelli at Sassy Southern Mom liked it because she asked me to paint this Southern Living at Home container with the same paint. She picked this up at a garage sale for $1.oo! I think they were about $20.00 when they first introduced this product. Once again, here's the finished product photographed on my porch with my faux greenery. I can't wait to see what she does with it at her house. It will look great on her porch or front door. She will have it decked out much better than I have!
Do you remember all the hunter green stuff that was so popular a few years ago? This is one of Kelli's rejects that I've had for a while...the can wasn't empty yet so I thought why not?Here's that finished product! It looks more updated in black for sure. Connor helped with this one!The paint is not quite I'm on the lookout for my next victim, err...I mean project! What about this flower pot???
Kelli at There's No Place Like Home is hosting Show and Tell Friday. Stop by her blog for other Show and Tells!

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Beat the heat!

Is it as hot where you are as here? The heat and humidity is so draining! I have lots of chores that need to be done such as weeding my flower bed, dead heading flowers, painting some furniture...but it is just too HOT to be outside for very long.

Here are some pictures from my files of how Connor stayed cool in the past. ( BC-before Cooper) Before blogging he was my only photography subject! LOL
Here he is in a shallow above ground pool modeling my colander! The house we had before this one had a pool. I don't really miss that house anymore, but this time of the year I sure miss the pool! This is a picture two summers ago in Destin. This one has me yearning for a beach trip! The water there is so pretty...the picture doesn't do it justice.
Connor playing captain on the boat in Destin. I think I was the only one that really enjoyed the dolphin cruise. It was about 2 hours long! And I have to agree...30 minutes would have been long enough!
Well, how are you staying cool? I think I'll go have a glass of lemonade and watch TV! LOL

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Neigborhood tour with an unliscensed driver!

Yesterday the phone rang early, and it was Kelli. She asked me to keep Connor...he had not felt well the night before, and didn't feel up to going to play sch00l.

I always try to think up something we can do to make his visit fun...there aren't any neighborhood children to play with, and I hate for him to get bored.

So, I asked his help in taking pictures to create this post. We went on a neighborhood tour on the golf cart. Of course Connor wanted to drive! I agreed as long as he let me keep my hands on the wheel too!

Here he is...ready to go....I rode too...just had to get off to take this pic!

Here is a cute little house facing one of the small lakes. We live in a neighborhood with seven lakes. These neighbors always keep their yard so nice and neat. I love the way the front of the home faces the lake.

Here is a home with a wrap around front porch. It is up for sale, and has been for awhile. Connor and I peeked in the windows...very pretty!

We stopped the golf cart between two of the lakes, and took this picture of the little fish swimming...didn't turn out too well! But there were lots of little fish 4 or 5 inches long near the bank.

Here's a picture of the water rushing over the spillway. We have had so much rain this year. Last year there was not any water flowing over the spillway, and the lakes were down quite a bit.

Here's another house on a small lake. This home probably has the best view of all the homes. It is on one of the small lakes, but looks out over the main lake. They don't have to worry about another home blocking their view since there isn't a lot there.
Here is a fishing pier on the main lake. We didn't see anyone fishing ....guess it was too hot!Here is one of the few vacant lots in the area. The owners are not interested in selling it. It would make a wonderful building lot.Here's one of my favorite houses. I love the sage green porch, garage doors, and dormer windows.Here is a home under construction close by. We will be so glad when they're done. Some times the trucks block the road, and act like they don't want to move when we have to go past!

Here is the back view of the same house. They did quite a bit to the lot to get it ready to build on. I've always loved this covered deck that looks out over the main lake.
We call this home the Barbie Doll House. My walking buddies and I went through it several times while it was under construction. It is a three story floor plan. The house is more 'beachy' than most in the area.
And finally, here we are back home...across from the main lake with a wonderful unobstructed view! I think Connor enjoyed our little outing. I was a little nervous though! I kept telling him to stay on the right side of the road, keep your eyes on the road...and lots of other 'backseat' driving remarks!
Don't know where we'll go next, but I'll have to come up with something else for us to have fun doing.
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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Feeling blue.... and a brand new blog!

Three things today: First, I am feeling a little blue today! Why? Well, I knew the day was coming and the call came Sunday! Cooper's baby sitter, Brooke, is ready to start keeping him again! I have really gotten used to him being with me all day, and miss him already. I know that I can keep him any day I want...and he'll probably still be with me a couple of days a week!

Second, I have a new blog that I would like you to visit if you have time! My daughter Kelli has started one. Her blog is Sassy Southern Mom. She only has 3 posts, but will be so happy if you can stop by and see her. You will recognize the 2 faces in her header if you have been keeping up with me!

She posted a recipe last night just for any new visitors.

I am happy that she is doing this. I think blogging has been a positive experience for me. I know with working, and taking care of her family, she won't be able to spend as much time doing this as I have, but I know of one visitor she will have daily! LOL

And finally, I still haven't gotten all my blog links back from yesterday when I lost them if yours is missing...just let me know. I was trying to get a different color besides pink on the edges....and I've been partly successful! But in the process, lots of stuff went wrong! Guess I need to purchase the copy of Blogging for Dummies!
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Monday, July 28, 2008

Bloggy woes!

Hi, I've been updating my blog. I can't seem to get a header to work. Don't have a clue as to why!
If you don't see your name on the blog list, it's because my list was eliminated! LOL

I'll be working on it.
Update: I got the template back...but some of my widgets and blogroll are gone! Thanks for hanging in there with me! I'm kinda new at this!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

One of My Favorite Things

Cindy at My Romantic Home is hosting a "My Favorite Things" blogging event. One of my favorite antiques is this oak secretary.
I found this at the Green Door Antiques in Philadelphia, Ms. They have since decided to retire and no longer operate the store. The owner, Nell, was always so nice. She would let me put stuff on lay a way and bring it home! How often does that happen? I think it took me 6 months to pay for this piece.
This piece is in our living area now, and was once in the foyer. I had a cleaning lady once that accidently broke the bow front glass with a mop! The owners were again once so nice...they ordered the new glass for me, and we took the door off so they could put it in.
Thanks for stopping in and looking at one of my favorite things!

Garage Sale Goodies

Friday morning after picking up Cooper we were off to an Estate sale. After waiting in line and pushing his stroller through a crowded house, I didn't buy a thing!
But on the way home, I noticed a yard sale sign at the entrance to an upscale neighborhood. So we stopped! I wish I had gone there first.The young couple living there were redecorating.
Here are some of the things I bought:

A clock, small faux silk fern, some faux pears, and ???(don't know what you call that thing to the right...but it looks good and I like it)!

I also found this 5' by 8' rug for $25.00. It looks good with my dining room chairs which are covered in black and gold. I think I'm going to cut off the fringe to update it. What do you think?
And, last but not least, a floor lamp. This one replaced one that needed to go!
I also bought a cabinet that I am going to paint, and an almost new freezer for $100. We had a really old one that recently went out so this was a great find for us!
I'll photo the cabinet's in the garage. I'm not sure what color I will paint it!

My daughter also stopped there, and bought some books and a really cute trivet! She was a little late, and most of the really good stuff was gone.

I just love it when young successful couples redecorate! LOL
Thanks for stopping in and looking at my bargains!
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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pink Saturday and Birkenstocks

I wanted to do something for Pink Saturday to promote breast cancer awareness, and found these pink Birkenstocks on the web. Most of us know at least one person that has been affected by this cancer.

Personally, I have lost a first cousin and a friend to the disease. I've got several friends that have won the battle and are in remission! Hopefully in the near future, there will be a complete cure. From the website:

For years we know that Birkenstock works wonders for our feet. Well, it seems that now they’re willing to do the same for our breasts…
The world famous Madrid design from Birkenstock has a new sparkling pink updo and that’s because he’s helping raise money for researching a cure in the fight against breast cancer. App. $7 from each Birkenstock pair sold will hit the Breast Cancer Campaign Funds.

Thanks for stopping by on Pink Saturday! Please visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for other Pink Saturday posts. Thanks Beverly for hosting this!

Friday, July 25, 2008

A Virtual Baby Shower for Heather and Cali

Congratulations Heather on your baby girl! There's magic in a little girl,
In shining eyes and tossing curl,
In winsome smile and dimpled cheeks
And music when she laughs or speaks
There's magic in a little girl, its true
Best wishes to your little girl and you.
Here's a gift basket for Cali full of all sorts of goodies!

I know she will be the world's cutest baby girl, so I found this T Shirt for her!
And of course she will need her very own teddy bear!

Congratulations Heather! I know you will love her as much as I love my own two grown babies and my two grandsons! So enjoy every moment, because she will grow up so fast!

I'm looking forward to seeing those baby pics on your blog!

For more virtual baby shower posts for Heather, visit Rhonda!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Monkeys, Cabinets and Rainbows

Yesterday Cooper and I went with my friend Beth to Jackson, Ms. for her dr. appointment. We had lots of fun, but boy am I tired today. We stopped a total of 7 places counting the doctors office. That doesn't sound like much, but think about getting a baby in and out of a hot car that many times in nearly 100 degree weather! But Cooper was a great little shopper, and soaked it all up with those big blue eyes!

One of our first stops was School Aids. Beth is still teaching first grade and wanted to pick up a few items. I thought this monkey theme was a cute display.

Even though I'm not teaching anymore, I found something to buy. Cooper's little eyes lit up when he spotted this monkey puppet. So of course it's his now!I have cabinets on my mind since I'm on the lookout for a media type cabinet for under the TV. I thought this cabinet in a resale shop called From Our House to Yours was so cute. (not for my TV) It was painted the prettiest shade of lilac on the inside. Notice the big knobs.
Thanks to Janie from Southern Lagniappe, I found a new antique store that I hadn't been to before. This cabinet is really close to what I'm looking for.. It is wider and not as deep as the oak ice box, and I think would look better. I'm still not sure though...may be a little too rustic.
Here's another that was very similar painted green.
And finally.....look what I had waiting for me when I got home! We had to drive slow in certain places due to heavy rain. I wasn't expecting to see this beauty. It was lighly sprinking when I walked out made the picture from my front yard.

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