Monday, November 29, 2010

2nd Time Around: Vintage Cross Stitch




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I’m always attracted to vintage cross stitch pictures when shopping estate sales, garage sales, etc. This one in this photo was really cheap…and even though I don’t have a chicken theme in my home, I bought it for one of my antique booths. I think I may actually have the book with the directions for this piece somewhere! I loved doing cross stitch at one time, and hopefully these vintage cross stitch pictures will one day be appreciated again! This one is still at the antique mall among other ‘chicken’ related items waiting for just the right person to come along! One thing I’ve learned through all this is that you never know what someone else will like, and just when you’ve about given up on something it sells, so even though it hasn’t sold yet, I still have hope that it will!


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Quiltpiecer said...

So happy to be the 1st to link up! I love the cross stitch ... it's very cute. I also pick up any cross stitch or needlepoint I see in thrift stores. I think it's a shame they end up in the thrift store like a cast-off. But lucky for you and me to be able to rescue them!

Jeanne said...

Hi Diane, I too love needle work and especially cross stitch. The chicks are adorable. I have quite a collection of needlework with words. Most of them are related to laundry.

We did have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I am glad you did too. We watched Auburn win their game last week. They are a great team. We are pulling for Auburn to win the SEC championship. The Gators have had a tough year. Maybe next year.
Warm hugs, Jeanne

Barbara Jean said...

Thanks for hosting Diane.
Have a beautiful Tuesday!


barbara jean

Jeanne said...

Diane, I just had the biggest laugh. Disregard the Auburn comment. I was reading another blog, Linda's at Coastal Charm and I thought I was still reading yours. Silly me. IT'S LATE I GUESS I BETTER GET SOME SLEEP !!! LOL.
Jeanne, again.

Rebekah Greiman said...

I am so ready for Christmas-I just had to share my stocking tutorial! Hope you enjoy your day!

Southern Lady said...

Oh, how cute, Diane! I'm sure those little chicks will have a new home soon.

LADY JANE said...

Dianne...Stopping in for a holiday hello! Just visiting a few of my ol' bloggie friends and favorites! Hugs..and hellos to all you peeps! Love old cross stich here too!

Laurie said...

It's a sweet cross stitch! Is it very old? I really like it!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

I'm not positive, but I believe I've done that pattern before... I used to collect chicken and egg things....and I think this was in the cabinet too.... so sweet!

I'm joining you today... What a fun meme.

Warm blessings,