Monday, June 20, 2011

2nd Time Around: New to Me Mirror!

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You really never know what you will find at a garage sale or an estate sale! This past weekend, I got up kinda late and didn’t get my usual early start because there weren’t many sales. I went to one sale on Friday late in the morning and bought a library table and pair of earrings. The sale had a mirror that I really loved, but it was so large I didn’t know if I could use it or if I could sell it in one of my booths.
My bathroom wall above the garden tub has been needing something for a while: IMG_9915
So, when I went back to pick up the table, I made an offer on the mirror, and couldn’t believe it when she let me have it for $20! So….it is leaned up against the wall now, but will soon be hanging over the garden tub!

Thanks for coming by, and be sure to stop by Rhoda’s at Southern Hospitality for more thrifty treasures!


GardenofDaisies (Gayle) said...

What a great mirror! It really has a pretty frame. $20 is a steal! Lucky you!!

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Great mirror and awesome price!

bj said...

So sorry to be late to the party..I just flat forgot to link up.
xo bj

Cottage Rose said...

What a gorgeous mirror, and for 20 dollars is a great find,,, how beautiful it looks in your bath,,,


~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Thanks for hosting the party! This is my first time joining you.
~ ~Ahrisha~~

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

WOW! This is a beautiful nmirror, Diane, and what a wonderful price!

Thanks so much for you comment on my HomeGoods gift card give away! Did you check the store locator link in my post? So many new HomeGoods are opening up and you might be surprised that one is coming near you! Most people think my daughter looks like my husband, as she has more of the Italian complexion, but I love you think she looks like me :)

Southern Lady said...

What a wonderful treasure, Diane, and for an amazing price!

I hope you will post pictures after you hang it ... I know it's going to be beautiful over your tub.

outjunking said...

Mirrors are so room changing. They brighten, fill a large space , and bring a 3 dimensional look.

hapi said...

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