Monday, March 28, 2011

2nd Time Around: An experiment with vintage glass bird feeders!

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I love garden art and bird feeders! After seeing this idea in a magazine, I have been buying vintage dishes to make bird feeders. This week, I made several of them to see if they would sell in one of my booths. I painted this planter sage green, and displayed them with rebar threaded through a wire top box.

We are having our grand opening on Thursday night for this new booth I’m doing with my daughter Kelli. It was kind of a last minute thing…the booth opened up and was in a great location, so we decided to take it. You may be wondering what we will have in the booth! Right now it is a mixture of stuff I gathered up from home, my other booths, and Kelli’s home! We hope to be able to paint some furniture, make wreaths, etc!

Don’t know how well the bird feeders will sell, but they have made a cute display for the grand opening! And by the way, the cute hot pink sconces were painted and decorated by Kelli! She had a great talent for making floral arrangements.



This one is made from a striped cup and saucer.


This one is a lavender flowered bowl and a lavender bottle.


And my favorite….a pink depression glass dish and a gold trimmed saucer.



They may end up at my house or at the home of some of my relatives! LOL We’ll see!These may not sell, but were so easy to make. They have a vase glued to the bottom which makes them very easy to slip off the rebar and clean.

Thanks for coming by!


Fishtail Cottage said...

First time coming to your party! xoox, Tracie

Bella's Rose Cottage said...

Hi Diane,
Your birdfeeders are darling! Congrats on your new booth, it sounds like a lot of fun, I'll bet you'll be making more of these sweet feeders!!
Thnaks for being your party hostess:-)

amber @ barbwired said...

Well now if you can not find a home for those little beauties, I have one! I am sure you will not have a problem, they are sweet!

Please come visit me at barbwired.

Amber @ barbwired

LADY JANE said...

Diane...First off...howdy stranger as I have not visited for quite a while but I am soooo trying to get beck to blogging and sooo want to participate again! I love the bird feeders...and the display is adorable...I think they will do well! Ok...share the secret with me ...are you drilling through eveything and using bolts and screws...or are they simply pu together with E6000 or something?
I soooo wish I lived closer to gosee your booths...AdOrAblE! If I don't get something up to share today I will next week!

bj said...

Hi Diane, good luck on the new booth. Bet you will love working with your daughter. :)
hugs bj

Southern Lady said...

What neat bird feeders, Diane! Those should sell quickly. Best wishes to you and Kelli for many happy hours of treasure hunting and selling.

Jimson Lee said...
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Unknown said...

Hi Lady Jane,
No drilling involved! Just glued with E6000! They slip off for easy cleaning, which makes them also easy to make!

Momgen said...

Oh they are so cute stuffs. Mine is up too./

Jane said...

Diane, those bird feeders are just too cute. I once saw a display of a flower garden, and the person had collected dinner plates of all kinds and buried them about half way down one after the other and used them as a border for their garden! Wouldn't that go well to compliment your beautiful bird feeders? I am going to go to some sales and collect plates and try it for my garden this year.

Tootsie said...

I think these are fantastic! great post! I meant to comment earlier...but the doorbell
have a great week...thanks for hosting!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Those are very cute, Diane! I would think they would sell well.


Sheila :-)

outjunking said...

Glad to find a nice and useful site. Great pictures.
thanks lisa