Monday, March 7, 2011

2nd Time Around: Helping Give an Estate Sale

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If you have been following my blog you might have noticed that I missed last week posting the 2nd Time Around event that I have been doing for awhile. I apologize if this was an inconvenience  to anyone, but I simply was exhausted from helping with an estate sale, and just didn’t get around to it. I intended to contact those that emailed me, but later became sick with a stomach virus! So, hopefully you will forgive me, and I’ll try to do better. And I appreciate those of you who emailed me or left a comment wondering if everything was okay.

Helping with the estate sale was lots of work, but it was also fun! The house had been empty and neglected for awhile, and those in charge of the estate were not sure there was enough to hold a sale. My son went over and previewed the contents and thought that there would be enough to make it worthwhile to have an estate sale. He did really well with it, and in fact made around $500 more in sales than he had projected based on the prices of the merchandise.

Cleaning up and making the contents appear attractive proved to be challenging, but there were some great buys had by all. It was fun for me to watch the people and notice what all they bought.

Some of the highlights of the sale that I photographed include this dresser. The lady that bought it plans to paint it white. She later came back and bought the matching bed.


An antique dealer from one of the malls that I am associated with didn’t bat an eye at paying $45 for this vase! And it proved to be a great investment for him-it was sold from his booth this weekend!


This cupboard from the seventies was also a great buy at $200! The original price on this piece 35-40 years ago was over $2,000! The lady that bought it plans to paint it black for her son’s home. The dishes are an English Ironstone and also sold early in the day.



This little table is one I would love to have bought. I was hoping no one else would buy it so I could. It sold for $45 dollars to another lady with an antique booth.


This pretty dresser and the chest below were part of a matching bedroom suit, but bought by different people.




This pretty frame was also a great buy at $20!



You may be wondering what I bought…. some great pieces of vintage jewelry, 4 chairs that will need to be redone, and some other miscellaneous items. There were lots of great items I didn’t get pictures of including outside items like slabs of marble that one lady dug up and bought for a walkway, an old gate that a dealer has already painted and put in her booth, some really old beautiful perfume bottles, quilts, a box of linens that had been packed up, a chenille bedspread still in the original packaging and many more items. There was one man that bought an old cedar chest that was falling apart! He was so happy to have gotten a bargain and a project to work on, and the owners were thrilled to have the old chest gone!

It was fun, but pretty exhausting! I have come to the conclusion that it is more fun to attend an estate sale than to have one. LOL

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Jeanne said...

Hi Diane, I came over to see if you were posting. I'm sorry you were ill and I know the estate sale was exhausting. My sister's and I used to do sales like this together. A huge job. I love what you shared today and am looking forward to your next posts about what you bought.

I am doing my post now and I will link ASAP. I'm glad you are back.
Hugs, Jeanne

bj said...

I would have bought that hutch for 200. so so fast. I love it.
Thanks for hosting, dear one.
xo bj

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Oh I loovvveeee going to Estate Sales! Even if I buy nothing, I love walking through old houses (those are the ones I typically go to) and getting a sense for the history of the person/people who lived there (the bits and bobs of sewing supplies...the antiquated tools organized on wall pegs...). You almost wonder if these types of sales will be gone sooner rather than later. The Depression-era mentality of "keep everything" just isn't there anymore, nor is the appreciation for old or antique furniture.
Wow. That was a deep comment! :-)
And WOW...your son has a booth at the Magazine Street Antique Mall. I LOVE that place!! Mike & I spied a bedroom set last year that we sooooo wanted. But figuring out the logistics of getting it to NJ was too much (too much to think about, and too much to pay! :-) I always manage to find something there to bring home…would be funny if I’ve bought from your son without knowing it!

By the Bluegrass said...

Thanks, I linked up! I like the vintage items your showing.

Robj98168 said...

Really like that chest! I swear you find the best stuff!

Lynn said...

What a fun time you must have had. I would love to work an estate sale. I doubt my allergies would like it though :) Thanks for hosting this fun party. Love all the items you featured from the sale. Lots of winners, for sure.