Monday, September 5, 2011

2nd Time Around: Pink Nellie-new Vintage Shop in Town!

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I am always looking for new places to shop for vintage and antique items, and we have a great new place in Meridian called Pink Nellie! Actually, I met Linda (her real name) at the 45 Flea Market and Antiques over a year ago where she had a booth when she first moved to Meridian. She has been doing this all her life and inherited her love of old things from her mother, Nellie. Linda loves pink so the logical name for her new shop was “Pink Nellie!”
Recently a house became available on 23rd avenue in Meridian right behind Ed Chaney Tires and one block off 22nd Avenue…and you guessed it the house was pink! Linda had been considering her own shop for a while and this seemed to be the perfect time and place.
So, with the help of her husband they moved her massive inventory to the new shop- Pink Nellie!

I visited there recently with my friend Karen and took some pictures to show you how adorable her shop is!
The pink house…complete with a wrap around porch…..
A temporary sign………….
The new sign soon to be hung and painted by Darcy…..(that’s Linda in the blue shirt.)
An interior wall……….
An adorable chair covered with chenille fabric and a beautiful quilt….
Just a tiny bit of her large collection of vintage jewelry…..
Vintage baby clothes……
Upcycled items like this painted mirror…..
My friend Karen modeling a vintage hat……
And so much more! If you live anywhere near Meridian, hope you will go by and check out Pink Nellie! She is located at 302 23rd Avenue in Meridian, Ms. and open Thurs., Fri., and Sat. from 10-6!

Her Facebook page can be found here:

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bj said...

hmmm, the linky doesn't seem to be working..

bj said...

oh, yes...there my name is. :)
Thanks so much for hosting.
This looks like a great, fun shop.

Unknown said...

A pink store begs to be looked in period! Enjoyed my first visit to your blog, looking forward to more!

Jeanne said...

Pink Nellie is a place I would love to visit. I never tire of 'the hunt' and the thrill of a found treasure. I wish I lived closer Diane. I hope their new business is a big success.

Happy Labor Day. I hope you had fun.
Hugs, Jeanne

GardenOfDaisies said...

What a cute little pink shop! Wish I lived near it!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

What a cute store, Diane! It sounds like a dream coem true for Linda.

I'm doing well--busy times here planning my daughter's spring wedding. I went out to Colorado to help her shop for her wedding dress..luckily she found her dream dress pretty quickly!

Erica said...

This looks like a great, fun shop.

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Carrie said...

Oh, how much fun! I know 'books' shouldn't be judged by their cover, but this just further proves you should! So adorably charming, it beckons you to come in! (Wish I could.)

Becca's Dirt said...

Love your wicker purchase. It will look good painted white or black but I'm more prone to white. Ya know I live in Citronelle and may just take a trip up and visit these ladies. Do you have a shop? If so give me the address.