Monday, October 24, 2011

2nd Time Around: New to me table and chairs


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Have you ever bought a piece of furniture and within a short period of time realized that you didn’t really like it or that it didn’t fit your space? That is what happened to me with my kitchen table and chairs. So, that set (which was not too old) was taken to my flea market booth, and replaced with this oak table and four chairs. I bought the table from another vendor, and a friend from our church sold me these four chairs. This set takes up so much less space, and ‘fits’ the small space I have so much better! I really love the syle of these chairs!

I would love to paint the set, but am a little unsure about it! What do you think? Give me some ideas!!!

IMG_1082  IMG_1081



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bj said...

O, that is the most darling little table and chairs, Diane. I just love it.
I have the same question about what I am showing in my post today. If you decide to paint your table and chairs, let me know what color you choose. I am not ready to paint my piece yet but will probably do it later.
xo bj

Southern Lady said...

Oh, I love it just like it is, Diane! ... especially the table legs. They're very unusual and I think the finish is beautiful.

Nikki ( said...

Hello everybody! I'm new to this link up, but def love the idea. I've linked to a post about the most recent addition to my very tiny kitchen (2 meters by about 4 meters). A beautiful gifted sideboard. Was hard to know what to feature as everything I've got was either scavenged or flea marketed...happy hunting!


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Diane, I love that table, and it looks like an antique. I'm not sure the chairs are as old as the table, but they could be. What about leaving the table natural and maybe picking an accent color from another room or even the kitchen and painting the chairs that color? I think that would look smart.

Hope you are doing well and enjoying some nice weather this fall.