Tuesday, November 1, 2011

2nd Time Around: Dumpster Diving in NOLA

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I don’t normally go around dumpster diving, but couldn’t help my self this past weekend in New Orleans, La.  After eating a wonderful brunch at Commanders Palace, my friends and I walked down the street to see this house.
sandra 003
 Do you know who owns the house? Sandra Bullock! It didn’t appear that she was home, so we didn’t get invited in! But right by her driveway laying right on top of a big trash can were some great pieces of fabric!
  sandra 001
This first piece is Brecon from England. I think my daughter may use this piece to cover some chairs in her dining room!
I’m not sure what this piece is called, but it is the largest piece. Don’t know what it will be used for yet…maybe some pillows…or I may cover a bulletin board with it! Anyway, we just couldn’t leave it laying there could we? LOL

 And while I showing you Sandra’s house, I thought you might like to see the home where Benjamin Button was filmed…which is on the opposite corner! Thanks for stopping by, and please add your 2nd Time Around link below!

sandra 002


The Charm of Home said...

Wow Diane! What great fabric. These house are beautiful. Loved the tour! Thanks for having us over.

Jeanne said...

Good morning Diane, Your post about the fabric you found and in front of Sandra Bullocks home is so exciting. The fabric is beautiful. I can tell you are having the best time. I love the photos of the homes as well as the fabric.

We are in Florida and I am not posting much right now. We will be home on Sunday and all will be back to normal again. My life this year has been crazy busy. I am ready to get snowed in and play on my computer all day. HA! I will be posting again soon.

Thank you so much for my birthday wishes Diane. Just in case I didn't thank you. I had a very good birthday. The down side is how old I was!!! Smile.

Hugs, Jeanne

Rose Cantiero said...

Que casa linda!! E o tecido, ela deve ter algo muito bonito feito com ele.

Prazer em conhecer.



Lynn said...

WOW!! What is wrong with Sandra, anyway!? Throwing perfectly good material away!
Lucky you!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Wow, Diane, what a great find! SCORE! I particularly love that floral chintz. WOW! So glad you dropped by to visit Sandra and got such treasures, too!