Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Look what $1.00 bought!

All of the things in this post cost a total of $1.00 all together at garage sales...here we go:

First, I bought this rooster for 10 cents. I am thinking of spray painting him, and using him to make a tassel. I have been wanting to try my hand at that. He is about 3 inches tall. If it doesn't work out, I haven't lost a whole lot!

All of these fall leaves, berries and garland were 25 cents. I will use them in a some sort of fall decoration. We are up to 35 cents.
This Christmas photo album is just like new and was only 10 cents. So we are up to 45 cents.

Each of these books was 10 cents each. So now we are up to 65 cents. My daughter loves the Jan Karon books and has been telling me I need to get started reading them. And I'm probably the only one on the planet who has not bought RickWarren's book. I've been wanting to read it too!
All these magazines were free! So we are still at 65 cents.
This little vase was 25 cents. At that price, I can afford to give away flowers from my garden and not worry about getting the vase back. This one is one of my favorites ...not sure if I'll part with it! We are up to 90 cents.
And last but not least, this brand new school memories book was only 10 cents! So that makes a grand total of $1.oo!
I don't always get stuff this cheap, but these are a few of the things that I have bought recently that were very reasonably priced wouldn't you say?

Try going to garage sales! You'll have to look through some junk, but the bargains are there if you stick with it.

Another thing I've found is that if you go looking for a particular thing, you probably will be disappointed. You never know what you'll find! So keep and open mind and give it a try!


Dawn said...

I don't think I've seen a dollar go so far!!! You are a great shopper. Yes, the vase is very pretty. You need to keep that! I haven't read anything by that author either. All this blogging talk about yard sales had me stop twice this summer!

take care,

Darlene said...

WOW...you got some fabulous things and all for $1.00??!!? Great garage sale finds. You know that is right up my alley. I haven't been to any garage sales lately but have hit a couple of my thrift stores. Definitely try the tassel...they are fun!!

Gone said...

Great finds, Diane...and even greater prices!!!

Tom and I are just about done with garage sales...not many here in Michigan after Labor Day, besides we're saving our $$$ for a mini get-away.


Anonymous said...

Diane, where else could you have that much fun spending money. Or should I say not spending money. smile. I love everything. You go girl.

Hope your school day is a good one.

Hugs, Jeanne

Anonymous said...

Good morning Diane!
You did sooooo well everything you bought is lovely and you only paid a $1.00? Doesn't that make you wonder why you were even charged a dollar.

I can't wait to see how the rooster turns out...great books...vase...I love a good yard sale!

Have a lovely day

Marie said...

Wow! Great finds and even better prices! Lucky duck!

SmilingSally said...

Whoo, you made out like a bandit! I'm as green as that pretty vase.

Lynn @The Vintage Nest said...

The local high school is having their annual flea market/yard sale this coming Saturday. I can't wait and after reading your $1.00 post I am even more excited. :) ~ Lynn

Nancy Rosalina said...

Thrifty Shopping Diane! Enjoy your finds! Blessings, Nancy

Shelia said...

Girl, you hit the jackpot! Why can't I ever find bargains like this? Oh, that little rooster is my favorite. I've been thinking about trying my hand at the tassels. I'll bet we can do it!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Barb said...

Wow Diane, all that for a $1.00? I'd love to go shopping with you.

Your favorite window is so lovely and what a serene view.


Barbara Jacksier said...

You are quite the shopper. I may have to challenge myself to see if I can even come close.

Grandma Faith said...

Great finds, and you gave us all some good yard sale advice. Take care...

Beth at Aunties said...

I think I love Southern Gargage sales. WOW! Can't believe all the great finds for only $1.00!
I really thought the vase was pretty. Have you paid a visit to
http://betasseled.blogspot.com/? She has tutorial on making tassels which are beautiful!
Enjoy all your little ones today!
What a fun age to teach. I have three that age:)

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

WOW! You really stretched that dollar! ..and got some great things in return! The rooster will make a super cute tassle! :)

Ribbonwood Cottage said...

Diane, that is amazing. You should win some kind of award like "Can you top this?" The best thing I can get in Calif. for a dollar is a double cheeseburger at McDonald's. I love the little rooster, and what a great idea. Can't wait to see what you do with it!

Sue said...

LOVE garage sales/thrift stores! I can't wait to see your rooster painted. I would never have thought about it but saw where someone else had spray painted one and it looked great. Let us know how your tassels turn out---I've thought about that too. I need more hours in a day!

J. Smith said...

You are a true bargain shopper! Great finds! Jean

Bo said...

Hi Diane...I've got a quick (hopefully) garage sale story for you... the night I met my husband, he had on an expensive looking suit which I learned later that he had bought at a garage sale in Midland, Texas (rich oil folks country)...Yuck...I thought silently...After we married, periodically he would pull to the curb at garage sales and I would sit in the car with my nose in the air and a pouty mouth...until one day he came back to the car with some exquisite decor item (been too long...don't remember what) that was only a dollar or two...well, needless to say, I was hooked after that. We furnished our entire first home with garage sale furniture and finds and to this day, I still LOVE the "hunt"... oops, sorry...this wasn't a quick story afterall..
;-) Bo

bloggin' Chrystal said...

I wish you were my friend in my daily LIFE...not just my bloggin' friend! You would be an awesome person to go shopping with! Wow...you are just a good shopper. I think I saw a rooster identical to that at Hobby Lobby for $10. YOU got a wonderful deal!

Cathy said...

Wow...that was REALLY stretching your dollar! You got some really cute stuff!


The Berry's Patch said...

Holy cow, a dollar! What a garage sale. :-)

Kelli said...

Excellent finds! I love the rooster and the Jan Karon book is a wonderful read!

Gone said...

I sure am enjoying my Rub 'n Buff!!! I love the colors I was able to buy on-line ~ that none of the stores carry!!

I can't wait til I'm done with re-decorating everything. Little by little, things are getting done. I still have indoor painting to get done (4 rooms & 2 walls) and outdoor painting of a dining table and 8 chairs...and a few odds and ends!!!

Hope I get it all done before winter!!! Tom would like his garage back!!!


Linda said...


I'm gonna start going to garage sales if it's the last thing I do!

Kitty Scraps said...

Wow, what great bargains you got! Love the rooster, he's cute!

"Maggie & Kevin" said...

I have the larger version of this rooster on my table. I like your idea and please let me know when you finish and post it.

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to come by any time.

santamaker said...

Wow, girrrrrrrrl , you hit paydirt there! Great shopping and they say a dollar doesn't get you far these days! As I see it, you got your Christmas shopping done ! LOL

Dreams and Decor said...

Wow! Double-Wow! You got some fabulous deals! Wish we had garage sales like that here! Patti