Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pink in Italy!

Isn't this little girl in the pink coat cute? I made her picture in Frascati, Italy after I gave her Mardi Graz beads last December. Be sure to notice her little silver shoes! I have just about run out of pink pictures I had saved in draft, and decided look through my travel photos after Pat from Brooklyn posted a picture of a pink door in Ireland. Then, I remembered taking this little girl's picture on our trip to Italy.

We traveled with the Big Easy Jazz Ambassadors from New Orleans this past New Years to Rome. The group consisted of about 14 band members and lots of Mardi Graz bead throwers, which is what my husband and I did.
Frascati is a little town near Rome, and we were part of a parade that performed for a festival of American bands. For more on Frascati, click here.

We had so much fun visiting this small Italian town. The Italians were so nice and seemed to enjoy our visit. There were lots of small shops and cafes as well as churches to tour.

For other pink Saturday posts visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound. Thanks for stopping by, and have a great pink Saturday!


Lori said...

Happy Pink Saturday! Someday I would love to throw beads too.

Southern Lady said...

Diane, Frascati sounds nice. I love all things Italian, and Italy is the one place in the world I'd get on a plane to visit. Well, I'd probably go back to Hawaii, given the chance ... lol

Hope you have a good Saturday!



Darlene said...

Cute picture that must bring back great memories of the traveling. How fun to throw the beads!
Happy Pink Saturday!

SmilingSally said...

Those pavers caught my eye; how artistic is that with the white intermingled with the gray. Mmmmm. Happy Pink Saturday.

Kim said...

What a sweet little girl all bundled up in her pink coat. Those little silver shoes are just too sweet. Sounds like you had a fabulous time in Italy. Happy Pink Saturday to you!!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a wonderful trip--the little cutie looks great with her beads and silver shoes!
Happy PSat! Dana

Kris said...

Happy Pink Saturday,

The girl is darling!!


Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

What a precious little girl, in the pretty pink coat! Your trip sounds so exciting!

Have a great weekend! ~Rhonda :)

Deborah aka Miss Bee said...

I want to go to Italy!

Darling little girl in her pink.

Happy Pink Saturday!

I'm having a giveaway this weekend!!

Hugs, Deborah

Sherrie said...

Your photo is awesome! And she is a cutie for sure! Take Care!!


Grandma Faith said...

Good morning, Diane. The little girl is so cute. It sounds like you had an excellent time in Italy. Aren't you glad you have pictures to keep your memories alive? Looking back and reliving a vacation is so much fun for me. Have a good day. Love, Faith

Anonymous said...

Diane, what an adventure! The little girl is adorable. Do you or your dh play an instrument? How interesting.


Bo said...

Hi Diane...Sweet memory...Last year I bought myself a pink coat and I feel just like a big wad of bubble gum in it, but so what...LOL
;-) Bo

MARIA said...

Happy Pink Saturday!
This little girl in the pink coat looks very beautiful!
Few years ago I visited Italy.
But now, I rather prefer to go to the moon /see my post/
Fantasic too.

Have a beautiful weekend!

Glennis said...

You must have had a wonderful trip! The picture is very sweet, with her little silver shoes!

Have a great pink Saturday!

Virginia said...

What a adorable little girl all bundled up in her pink coat.You must have had a wonderful trip!
Blessings, Virginia

Betty said...

Oh, she's adorable and perfect for your pink Saturday post!

Anonymous said...

Hi Diane! She is absolutely adorable! The beads are as long as she is tall!lol Sounds like a fascinating happy trip! I really need to start travelling, first I need to get over my fear of flying! It's a control thing - I need to be behind the wheel! lol Happy Pink Saturday, I think that has contributed to my new need for pink in the house!lol Sincerely, Jeannette

Missy Wertz said...

She is a cutie! Happy Pink Saturday!

Stephanie said...

That sounds like a wonderful trip.

I really enjoyed your thrift store find and all the different uses you came up with! I saved the link and I can't wait to find out about the thrift stores in my area!

Happy Pink Saturday!


Ed said...

What a poppet, and I definitely want some silver shoes like those :-)

Abuela Beauty said...

Hi Diane!!

Happy Pink Saturday!
Besitos desde Argentina!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Pink Saturday..have a great week-end..

Sweetie said...

Happy Pink Saturday. The little girl dressed in pink with silver shoes in adorable. I would LOVE to visit Italy.

nikkicrumpet said...

I can't even imagine going someplace so cool! See how GREEN I am!

Anonymous said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Diane.

She is adorable. When we go off now, my husband is always showing me something pink to take a picture.

Ramona said...

Do those shoes come in my size...I love it! What a cutie~pie...Thank you for sharing.

Smiles ~ Ramona

Gone said...

Happy PINKness today! Thanks for the visit you made to me and the PINK pumpkins!! I could decorate for Halloween using that color!!!

Isn't it a blessing to finally hear that Shelia is OK and so is her mom...and that they've not suffered any loss of their home, due to IKE? I'm soooo relieved.


KatCollects said...

Very sweet picture, and what a fun trip. Hope your Saturday was a great one!

Stacey said...

Happy Pink Saturday! What a lovely blog. I love all things Italian, too, so I really enjoyed your travel comments and darling picture. Thanks for sharing. :-) Stacey

Anonymous said...

Cute little girl dressin pink coat...sound like you has wonderful time. Happy Pink! Katherinellen

Anonymous said...

Love the silver shoes and the Pink. What an interesting post - I love new adventures and travel. Have a great new week.

Mya said...

Love the picture. I am happy for you but so jealous that you got to travel to Italy. It is on my list of places to see for sure.
Happy Pink