Monday, March 30, 2009

2nd Time Around: Barrister Book Cases

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If you have been a visitor here before you may know that I love antiques and especially like oak. This set of barrister bookcases was one of my purchases that I made from the Green Door Antiques. I bought these and took them home the day I picked them out even though they were on ‘lay-a-way.’ I would love to find another set of these, and did in New York City, but they were a little out of my price range!

I may eventually line the back of the bookcase with scrapbook paper-the photo makes it look a little drab…like the bookcase needs a facelift! Or maybe I just need to work on accessorizing it!


From the web site ‘What is a barrister bookcase?”

The barrister bookcase is a traditional shelving unit that is distinguished by a clear glass front. Originating in Great Britain, the barrister bookcase has the advantage of being easy to secure to a wall, or several units may be stacked to create the look of an attractive cabinet. The choices of wood, glass, and hardware can give a barrister bookcase a simple or ornate appearance, depending on the preferences of the owner.

One of the attractions of the barrister bookcase is that the construction helps to provide a greater degree of protection than many types of bookshelves. The glass doors help to limit the amount of dust that can settle on the books, which will help to keep the book collection in better overall shape. Along with protecting the books from dust, it is also possible to outfit the doors with tempered glass that helps to minimize the impact of sunlight on the spines of the books, effectively helping to keep the color of the bindings from fading.

Click here to view another one for $800.

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bj said...

Hi, dear one...Your bookcase is just beautiful. My mother had 2 like this with leaded glass. My brother has them now and he better sleep with one eye open cause I just may have to go get one of 'em!!
Thanks for hosting this fun day!!
xo bj

Cheryl said...

I have always wanted one of those cabinets. You sure do find loads of neat stuff!

Blondie's Journal said...

I love your bookcase and do not think it looks drab at all! I have seen these in all sizes, shape and different types of finishes in Pottery Barn and the prices are waaaaay up there! Sounds like you got a deal!!


Barbara Jean said...

Your bookcase is beautiful!!

I appreciate all the info you shared, as i also have one. Mine is not in nearly as good a shape, and it is the kind on a lovely base, but, I did only pay $12 for it about 18 years ago at a garage sale!
So, I'm not complaining that it is a little beat up and i have no time to fix it. It still displays my treasures just fine.

Thanks you for hosting 2nd time around.
I may not get a post up for it this time, but will send some people your way to check it out.

Barbara Jean

Beth at Aunties said...


Lucky you! It is a beautiful bookcase. I have always wanted one to protect our favorite books.
I really liked how you lined your other book case in scrapbook paper.
This one might look great also.
Thank You for hosting this party again this week.


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I love those bookcases! The glass is such a nice way to keep everything clean and dust free.

No surprise they were expensive in NYC -- you can see why I don't bother to look in antique stores here -- everything is out of my price

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I like these a lot, Diane. When we were little, my aunt and uncle had a bunch of these in the boys' room, and they stored all of their books, games and toys in them so I have wonderful memories of these types of bookcases from childhood. My uncle was "barrister" aka a lawyer, and I think he got them when they moved from one law office to another. That's my guess at any rate. I think they would look smart with something fun lining the backs. Old maps, sheet music, scrapbook papers... the possibilities are limitless.

So glad you shared yours with us. Looks beautiful...


Sheila :-)

The blog of MBW said...

I like your bookcase for its clean lines and warm color.

Thanks again for hosting. Have a nice day.

Bo said...

Hi Diane...I've always liked these bookcases even though I've never been lucky enough to have one...they are a great size & would fit in anywhere...;-) Bo

April said...

You always post the prettiest pieces of is no exception! BEAUTIFUL!

Shell in your Pocket said...

What a great cabinet and fun stuff!
sandy toe

Michelle, All Home and Love said...

What a gorgeous bookcase!

Chandy said...

Those are darling bookcases!

We have the more modern boxy oak entertainment center and bookcase, but we weren't able to use it here in our new place, it's too big! :-(

xinex said...

Beautiful cabinet, Diane! I love heavy wood and that looks solid....Christine

Tardevil said...

Love that bookcase. What a great find!

SmilingSally said...

I've always admired bookcases like this one. I never knew the name.


That is a very handsome bookcase Diane!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful bookcase. I can understand the concept of protecting your books from dust moisture and sunlight. It's still a great idea today.

Picket said...

I have always loved those bookcases but never knew what kind they were! It's a beauty girl!

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

I've always LOVED barrister bookcases. Any ones I've seen are way out of my thrifty price range, though I did see a nice tall one recently -- just no room for it anymore. I'll enjoy yours instead. :-)

Amy'svintagecottage said...