Saturday, March 28, 2009

Greater Tuna

Saturday night I volunteered at the MSU Riley center and had the chance to see part of Greater Tuna. I wish I had bought tickets for my husband and I. I had not heard of this show before, but found out through researching it that it is one of the most produced plays in the US. As the old saying goes, “Laughter is the best Medicine” and after tonight's show, I can see why. To learn more about Greater Tuna, click here.

From their website:
Greater Tuna is the hilarious comedy about Texas' third smallest town, where the Lion's Club is too liberal and Patsy Cline never dies. The eclectic band of citizens that make up this town are portrayed by only two performers, making this satire on life in rural America even more delightful as they depict all of the inhabitants of Tuna -- men, women, children and animals.

The show has been so popular that 2 new ones have been added: A Tuna Christmas and Red, White and Tuna. I hope I get a chance to see these too!

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Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Hahahaha..."...where the Lion's Club is too liberal and Patsy Cline never dies." LOVE it. :-) I've never heard of it, either, but I think it would be right up my alley.

Smilingsal said...

I've never heard of it, but if it comes around here, I'm going!

linda said...

I saw Greater Tuna about 5 years ago at a local playhouse. I just laughed and laughed. Yes, it's worth seeing.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Sounds like a fun play Diane! We love to see comedies!

Did you like "Wicked" when you saw it in NY?

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Diane, I love this play. I saw it years ago in San Francisco and thoroughly enjoyed it. Glad you got to laugh your way through it, too!


Sheila :-)

Nola @ the Alamo said...

Oh, yes, it's been around for years! It is definitely worth seeing but don't judge all of us Texans by the characters from Tuna!