Monday, March 14, 2011

2nd Time Around: Shopping my Stash!



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One of my favorite things to do it shop for my booths at the antique mall and the flea market. I’ve been doing this for over a year, and it has been lots of fun! It has made my retirement easy-I choose my own hours and am my own boss! And I am doing something I enjoy.

However, I like shopping for the items more than I do cleaning them up and pricing them. Sometimes just to get the car cleaned out, I stash some of the ‘finds’ on shelves in the garage or a box in our bonus room and forget I have them!

Recently, I’ve been trying to clean out the stash in the garage and the bonus room, and found some things that I took today to add to my booths.

This vintage spoon rack came from an estate sale, and I’ve had it so long I forgot how much I paid for it! I saw one in another booth at a different mall that was used as a planter, so I cleaned this one up and put some faux grapes in the copper container. We’ll see if it sells….I think my original plan was to paint this piece-and that may be what  I will end up doing! I can see it in an ivory shade with a shabby chic look!

iphone 091


I don’t know why these brass owls never made it to one of the booths-they just fell between the cracks so to speak! The lady that runs the mall said owls were big sellers-so we’ll see!

iphone 086

These pair of owl plaques were from the seventies and made by Homco. My son took them to New Orleans and put them in his booth, but brought them back last week since they had not sold. I marked them down in price-hopefully an ‘owl’ collector will spot them soon!

iphone 087

Found these little ceramic bunnies in a box in the bonus room. I wouldn’t remember how much I paid for them except the price was still on them! I think I bought them last year after Easter, and was waiting til the right time to bring them out! Since Easter is close by maybe they will go home with someone this year! I love their sweet faces!

iphone 088

So, do any of you horde stuff? I’m trying to break my habit of doing this and plan to finish getting all those unpriced and undone projects in one of the booths!


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Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

In the excitement of buying a home three years ago and having so much room (I always lived in apartments) I started to hoard a bit...oh yes, I admit it. But I've streamlined based on how the house has come together...gotten rid of a LOT of stuff (nearly all yard sale, rummage sale, etc. finds) and have learned to "curate" my collections more. Now that our attic reno is almost done I'm going to have to do a serious liquidation...I have no more attic to store stuff in! :-)

I love the little golden owls, by the way. If they were to fly to New Orleans in a few weeks I could build a new nest for them. ;-)

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I've lived in my house almost my entire marruiage of 36 years, Diane, so you can imagine what I have tucked away in my garage, attic and basement! I will need to do a serious clean out if, and when, I move. ;)

I love the brass owls ..if I visited your booth I would buy them!

bj said...

I, too, so need to clean out things and take a lot of stuff BACK to the thrift shops. I am getting too much.
Thanks so much for hosting.

Shelia said...

Hi Dianne! Oh, what cute things. I grinned when I saw the owls as my mother used to collect owls! :)
Thanks for popping in to see me.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Cheryl said...

I've seen those spoon holders... holding hankies. I'd paint it a lovely light pink and place hankies in each little slot. I think it would sell super fast looking like that :-)

Jeanne said...

Yes, Diane, I horde lots of stuff. I am doing a sale in April and all the horded stuff will be on display. I hope I sell some. I just can't resist buying something I know is good.

I'm sorry I didn't get a post up yesterday. I have been down with an awful cold and I went to bed instead. I do feel better finally, after a week of feeling awful.

These flowers I shared today, sure perked me up.

I love the owls and the spoon holder. The grapes dress it up a bit so maybe it will sell. Owls do seem to be in right now. They sure are cute.

Thanks for finding time to visit me with your busy schedule. I know how much work it is to have a booth in a mall. I have been there and done that. I miss it too.

Happy St. Patrick's Day tomorrow.
Hugs, Jeanne

deb said...

I love the spoon holder!! I collect them and use them to display my vintage hankies in. The design on the top is unusual. If you still have it and would be willing to ship it I would be interested, depending on the price and cost of shipping...unfortunatly I'm on a budget :( No offense, but not interested in the grapes ;)
Let me know.

Momgen said...

Wow they looks pretty. mine is ready.