Sunday, July 27, 2008

Garage Sale Goodies

Friday morning after picking up Cooper we were off to an Estate sale. After waiting in line and pushing his stroller through a crowded house, I didn't buy a thing!
But on the way home, I noticed a yard sale sign at the entrance to an upscale neighborhood. So we stopped! I wish I had gone there first.The young couple living there were redecorating.
Here are some of the things I bought:

A clock, small faux silk fern, some faux pears, and ???(don't know what you call that thing to the right...but it looks good and I like it)!

I also found this 5' by 8' rug for $25.00. It looks good with my dining room chairs which are covered in black and gold. I think I'm going to cut off the fringe to update it. What do you think?
And, last but not least, a floor lamp. This one replaced one that needed to go!
I also bought a cabinet that I am going to paint, and an almost new freezer for $100. We had a really old one that recently went out so this was a great find for us!
I'll photo the cabinet's in the garage. I'm not sure what color I will paint it!

My daughter also stopped there, and bought some books and a really cute trivet! She was a little late, and most of the really good stuff was gone.

I just love it when young successful couples redecorate! LOL
Thanks for stopping in and looking at my bargains!
Have a great day,


Picket said...

Great finds girl!! I love the colors in the rug and can't wait to see the cabinet! Girl I didn't know you needed a freezer...I got a huge upright about 3 yrs old that I never use and I told Bill I wanted it out of my laundry room! lol Have a great Sunday girl!

Blogger said...

Wow, how I would love to find a garage sale like that one!

I call those 'things' Decorative Finials, I can't believe they would get rid of that, it's gorgeous!!!

You really made out good!!!

Just found your blog, nice to meet you:)


Dawn said...

Nice finds! I really like that rug. My freezer is working fine but it is so big that I want to buy a smaller one and save some money on my electric bill!! You got a good deal on the one you bought.

take care,

Nancy Rosalina said...

Diane, I love your beautiful finds!! Enjoy decorating with them! Hope you have a great day. Nancy

Anonymous said...

Yeah, if I were you I think I'd cut off the fringe. That was a good thought. And I loved your finds. I bought some pears similar to that at Pier 1 recently!

Kim's Treasures said...

You found a great garage sale and some really great things at it! The rug is really beautiful...I think I would remove the fringe too.
Have a wonderful day!

Southern Lady said...

I love all your "goodies," Diane, especially the rug, finial, and clock. I can't wait to see the cabinet.

I'll check on you tomorrow.



Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

WOW those were all great things at great prices! I have carpets with fringe that my vacuum cleaner insists on eating up all the've had to replace the fringe a few times. I've been tempted to cut it all off too, but I'm afraid the ends would look funny.

Cottage Rose said...

Oh my gosh. I love every thing you found. What beautiful treasures. That rug is so pretty. Wow you had a great day. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday.


Beth@Pages of Our Life said...

Ummmm I think I want to go to yard sales in your neck of the woods!


Anonymous said...

Great finds. It is such a thrill digging through "junk" and finding treasure. Decorating on a budget is an absolute adventure!

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Wow ! you found some great things. I just love to find a garage sale like that one .

Anonymous said...

Great work.