Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Pink Riddle for Pink Saturday

Can you guess my riddle?

  • It's pink

  • Often lost

  • Often found

  • Convenient

  • Inconvenient

  • I feel "undressed" without it

  • I've gone back to get it when it was forgotten

  • I bet you have one too....may or may not be pink!

Scroll down.......

My Pink Cell Phone!

I know there is nothing unusual about my see lots of these! But what is unusual is how cell phones have changed our world. Just a very few years ago, I didn't have one at all! Now I can't think of anyone that doesn't have one except my mother in law! This is my third one...the first became outdated, the second went through the washing machine, and then I got this one. I really like is lightweight and makes great pictures! The bright pink color shows up when it falls down into my dark purse. I thought I would be happy with it for along time until I saw my cousin Amber's phone the other day! She has a new I Phone...and can check email and all sorts of stuff! I wonder if they have a pink one?Just when you think you have just what you need....out comes something else! When will it ever end???

Now leave me a comment and tell me about your cell phone!

Have a fun and happy Pink Saturday!

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Anonymous said...

Diane, I love your pink cell phone. And, can you believe it - mine isn't pink. I used to have a pink one, but they didn't have one when it was time for the last trade in.

I so agree with you about cell phones. I can hardly remember life BCP (before cell phones).

Great pink post.

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess I've "made it" since I (or my phone!) was mentioned in your blog! I do love my iphone and highly recommend it! I'm glad you told me about your blog...I've really been enjoying it. I plan on going back and reading all of them as I have time. Have a great weekend!

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Diane, I was guessing lip stick! LOLOL! I love your pink phone! Mine is nothing special. A blue hand~me down razor from my daughter when she upgraded! Very creative post!

Have a great weekend! Hugs, Rhonda

Marina Capano said...

HI!Happy Pink Saturday. Nice pink post!I love your pink cell phone!
visit me anytime..
have a nice weekend

Dawn said...

I just got a new cell phone about a year or so ago. It's nothing fancy but it does take pictures. Besides your mother in law add my husband to the list. He doesn't even know how to use one. He's struggling now with the new remote for the TV LOL!

take care,

Deborah aka Miss Bee said...

Cute riddle, Diane. I do have an ipod with a pink cover - does that count?

Have a wonderful Pink Saturday!


Oooh such a yummy pink cell phone. Cell phone envy!

Anonymous said...

Love,Love your pink cell phone Diane. Mine is old,silver nokia cell phone. I need a NEW one...LOL I have worn it out texting my daughter all the time.My daughter want us to go get me a new one but we just don't seem to find time to go. My husband is like Dawn husbnd..LOL Put him on your mother-in-law list too! Cute little Pink Post! You have a Wonderful Pink Saturday!

Miss Rhea said...

I had a cell phone for a couple of years, but everyone kept CALLING me. lol So I got rid of it. lol Nothing gets between me and thrifting, lol !! However, I wish mine had been as pretty as yours, I might have kept it then, :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Diane. I read your email to me and I am relieved you were ok with my decision to not name awards. Thanks so much. I loved your cell phone riddle. I didn't guess, but surprise, I have that same phone. Great minds like the same things. Smile.

I am still trying to comment on all the participants who have pink posts. I am up to your name on the list. Lo, I did gardening instead.
We are spiffing up our yard for my son's wedding. I adore motivation.

Hava a happy day in the pink,


CONNIE said...

Happy PS! I was also guessing lipstick.

My boss wanted to me to get one and so I did. Got one of those prepaid phones but I hardly use it. It is always a good thing to'll never know.

Great post.

Anonymous said...

Cell phones certainly have changed our world haven't they? Mine is a sleek black LG and I love it, except the inside of my purse is black so it is hard to find if I don't put it in the right pocket of my purse. LOL My husband and I are longing for the iPhone, but are waiting until At&T service is better in our area, and more space on the iPhone. Maybe by Christmas...:-)

Anne Fannie said...

That is great, a pink cell phone!
You did have me going there for a minute!
Love, Ann

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello Diane!

LOVE your PINK camera! I have one to! So fun being a girl, isn't it! Happy PINK Saturday!


Heidi said...

Hi Diane, I know exactly what you mean...EVERYONE has a cell phone!!! I know they are great to have in an emergency, but I am the one person who really doesn't take it everywhere!...My husband is constantly reminding me to take it when I leave the house, but I almost always forget...Maybe if my phone was "pink" I just might like it better!....Heidi XO

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

My daughter gave me my cell phone a few years ago as a gift, and put me on her plan! She knows I don't use it often, but as you said I'd be lost now without it!

I love your pink phone! I bet you get a lot of compliments on it!

Anonymous said...

A very clever approach to Pink Saturday--loved it! AND now I want a PINK phone! My DIL has a pink cell phone similar to the one you pictured--you lucky girls! I enjoyed your family photo and your reflection of looking on every day things in a new and appreciative way--thank you for the reminder to do more of that! Hope your Saturday was filled to the brim with Pinkness!

Steve Buser said...

Well, I know you would be surprised if I told you I have a pink cell phone. (I don't) but I don't feel dressed without my black blackberry

Margie said...

Wow! I guessed it right! I couldn't get a pink phone, so I had to settle for a red one, but it's sort of a pinkish red!


Anonymous said...


How nice you can see your cell phone deep down in your purse. I need that for my cell phone. It's black and can be lost for hours.

Brandee :-)

My Crafty Little Page said...

LOL I was thinking the same thing - how you can guess a date just by the phone! My first cell phone was a BAG phone! $10 a month for 10 minutes and $1 a minute over that! I think it was like 1986 or 87. I've probably had 10 since then and imagine what they will be 20 years from now. (I was guessing a smile btw) Nancy

Shirl said...

Hello, I'm still making my Pink Saturday rounds, love that cell phone!
Blessings, Shirl
Shirls Rose Cottage