Thursday, July 31, 2008

Beat the heat!

Is it as hot where you are as here? The heat and humidity is so draining! I have lots of chores that need to be done such as weeding my flower bed, dead heading flowers, painting some furniture...but it is just too HOT to be outside for very long.

Here are some pictures from my files of how Connor stayed cool in the past. ( BC-before Cooper) Before blogging he was my only photography subject! LOL
Here he is in a shallow above ground pool modeling my colander! The house we had before this one had a pool. I don't really miss that house anymore, but this time of the year I sure miss the pool! This is a picture two summers ago in Destin. This one has me yearning for a beach trip! The water there is so pretty...the picture doesn't do it justice.
Connor playing captain on the boat in Destin. I think I was the only one that really enjoyed the dolphin cruise. It was about 2 hours long! And I have to agree...30 minutes would have been long enough!
Well, how are you staying cool? I think I'll go have a glass of lemonade and watch TV! LOL


Gone said...


I've been staying in the house in the AC...painting the Dining Room, the Kitchen, the Living Room and 2 skylights yesterday!!! At least some things that need doing are getting done!! LOL!!!


Anonymous said...

Morning Diane! I have to say you are a really "cool" Grandma! Always doing something fun with the kids! As far as the heat it is soo hot my brain isn't functioning; I made an idiot out of myself with my bank this morning because I wasn't thinking clearly!lol I wish this time of year all the time I still had my pool too; wouldn't even mind cleaning it! No gardening for me today just errands. Have a great one - Jeannette

Dawn said...

My house has central air and that is where I stay LOL! I don't like to be hot! It's not bad early in the morning though.

I remember when Tim used to play with my colander and wear it on his head LOL!

Connor is very cute in those pictures. It looks like he was having a great time!

By the way I start school on September 2. The kids start on the 3rd.

take care,

Anonymous said...

i love the hot weather but it can get a bit much, did you know Marilyn Monroe kept her underwear in the fridge in the summer? quite bizarre don't you think...wonder if it works...

take it easy and Aussie style laid back!


thanks for popping by my blog too

Anonymous said...

Hi there Diane, I am loving your photos of your favorite subject at the time. One of my daughters is a red head. Much redder when she was young, now an auburn color. She was the subject of lots of pics and her sister was jealous. They are best friends now.

I have been visiting Kelli's blog and enjoying it. Good for her.

Keep cool if you can. I admit to having the air on for the past month. When the grands, (the last three) go home we will turn the air off. We love the mountain air.

Take care, Jeanne

Blogger said...

I stay in the AC if at all possible.

But I remember as a child growing up in Detroit, in old, hot apartment buildings, with no was really oppressive...I feel fortunate to have AC every time I crank it on because I know how it is not to have it!

My dh's work does NOT have AC...poor guy, I wish they would get it, but I guess it would be very expensive to run in there (he works for a place that builds the robotic lines for the automotive industry, it's massive in there)...

Love your pics, looks like your summer is going really well :)

Have a great day,
Bella :)

Debra from Bungalow said...

Hi Diane, yes it's hot! I hate this heat! Your g'son looks like he knows how to beat the heat. Pools are nice in this kind of weather but I'm not really a sun lovin person because of my fair skin & I burn easily.

I posted directions for stepping stones on my blog....what a great project it would be for you & your grandkiddos!

Thanks for being a regular visitor to my blog...I sure do appreciate your comments, Hugs, DebraK

Unknown said...

Hey! I see you have a new look, too! Thanks for the compliments!!! Aiden visited with Chris, Joe, Kelly (his girlfriend) and Natalie (his little girl, not sure if you've met her but she's in some of the kids' b'day pics) and he had a blast. We miss her so! Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

It is just so ... hot here. I'm avoiding going outside unless absolutely necessary.

Those grandsons of yours are so gorgeous.

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Hi Diane, It is so hot here, too! 95 degrees with a heat index of 105! Connor is so cute, love his wavy red hair! :) What sweet memories in the pictures...

I loved the tour of the homes in your area! They are all pretty, including your own! Looks like a great neighborhood to live in!

Hugs, Rhonda :)

Alexandra MacVean said...

The picture of Cooper running on the picture is adorable. Very precious! :)

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Diane!
Yep, it's HOT!
My house isn't even air conditioned! I only have it in the bedrooms. So as you can imagine I dress light, drink plenty of liqids, cut back on housework ( that I love!) and relax with a good book. I'm only minutes from the beach hut I ahve to be very careful about the sun so I don't go that often.

Connor is such a cute red head! Such great photos.

Barb said...

Hi Diane,

It looks like Grandma had a lot of fun too! It is way too HOT. The monsoon is due back this weekend so we are hot-107 and humid.

Winter is almost here-lol (chanting in my mind)


nikkicrumpet said...

Hi Diane

Thanks so much for the nice welcome to blogland and visiting my new blog. I'm meeting the nicest people and finding so many new wonderful blogs to visit. I'm sure I'll be back to yours again and again!