Thursday, August 14, 2008

Your opinion??????

The other day it got back to me something that was said about my blog. It was from a local person and she said "She sure must have a lot of time on her hands."

I know I shouldn't let someone's opinion of how much time I spend on my blog bother me! But it does...sorta. I want to tell them that I lead a very full life--with friends and lots of activities to keep me busy. I want to explain to them that maybe I don't spend as much time sitting in front of the TV as they do!

Since I've been blogging, I haven't read many books or watched hardly any TV. But it did make me wonder if I'm spending too much time on my blog and reading the blogs of others! Then this week I've noticed a couple of bloggers have posted that they will be taking a break or cutting down on their blogging time.

Maybe I should take Maxine's advice:

Seriously, how do you keep your blogging time under control? Do you feel the need to post every day? Do you feel stressed if you don't have time to post? How do you manage it all???
Tell me....I want your opinion. LOL


Jan and Tom's Place said...

Good Morning Diane...

When I first started blogging, a little over a year ago, I knew I was going to blog EVERY day. I also knew that I would be sharing my love of the Lord with others...whether in posts or in emails. I knew Tom was OK with my doing this.

Since I don't really care too much what others think of me and what I spend my time doing...people saying silly things such as you've experienced don't bother me.

If I didn't learn anything from my time on my blog...or if I didn't make the acquaintance of nice people...or if I didn't feel people were "touched" by my sharing my life and salvation with them...I would come to the conclusion on my own that I was spending too much time blogging.

But...I have learned many things from blogging. I've gleaned recipes, articles, pictures, tips and hints AND friendships. We've felt the Lord's presence and seen what HE can do, just by us being willing to share.

I guess what I'm trying to say is this: No matter what others think of the time I spend here...I'm NOT going anywhere!!

Jan other thing ~ I don't think there's anything wrong with taking a "break" now and again. I have. It just helps getting things "settled" in my head and heart. It's never for long...maybe a few days or a week, perhaps during a vacation or something like that.

In "real" life, most of us take vacations. So here, they're called "breaks" ~ sort of like what we get during our workday at our jobs. LOL!!

Jeanne said...

Diane, after reading your post, I am reflecting on the time I take to do this blogging. Yes, I spend alot of time on this, and I don't watch TV anymore, (I never did watch it much) and many times I fret because I can't get to visit everyone I want to visit, but I love the chance to share and express myself this way. I sometimes wonder about what to post on a daily basis. I sometimes worry about being boring. However, My opinion is the same as Maxine's. No one should ever judge another person. I for one love your posts and love to see your life unfold with the sweet things you share about your family. And it sure isn't because I don't have a FULL life. I am interested in other people that became a part of my life through blogging. Just as if you were a neighbor or family I care about. I guess I have said enough. Keep blogging Diane, I believe it is important to you.

Blessing, Jeanne

Sue said...

I am really new to blogging but I wanted to comment. I do spend alot of time visiting other bloggers, but like others, I am not watching TV. Just the other day I started to pick up a decorating magazine at the store and thought, "Why do have more ideas at your fingertips now than ever before." Another thing.....Blogging has me praying for people I have never met. Through Picket's blog the other night I was praying for a precious baby during the night when I was awakened. Do I worry about what I share being boring?? I don't worry....but I feel that it doesn't compare to others and there are times I wonder what I am going to share but I plan to continue. There may be times that I miss a day (or more if on vacation) but right now I know that I enjoy visiting other sites and reading their daily posts.
KEEP WRITING because I enjoy it!

Darlene said...

You know I am sorry someone said something catty about your blogging time....but, I truly could care less what others think of me. Since blogging, I have had more inspiration and my creativity has gone back up. I feel as if I have met more nice, wonderful people than I have in a long while.

I want to get projects done now, whereas before it might take me forever or they might just get abandoned. I want to see what everyone else is doing or making or how they are "feathering their nest".

I think if you need a break fine, take a break, but your time is your time and do with it what you want and what makes YOU happy!!

Picket said...

Ohhh sweetie...don't waste your time fretting over things like my opinion is only worth about 2 cents (which by the way I expect to get paid for by the end of this post! lol) I love reading your blog..the fact that you are real and down to earth and you have such a love for your beautiful this life one never knows who we will have an impact on..we are all open books and we all need to be careful what we put on our pages(and I am not talking about blogs here..I am talking about life) because at even given time someone will read that page...some people choose to fill their book with hate and cruel words and it wounds the innocent one that comes along and reads it...but there are others that fill their pages with love and encouragement and one comes along that is on the verge of giving up and they read those pages and new hope springs up in them and they have the courage to try again...girl...I like what I read on your pages of your 'book'..You don't have to blog everyday...that is a personal of all people know where your priorities are...don't let others make you doubt yourself...I have seen how you visit fellow bloggers and the encouraging words you always do you not know that your words aren't the kindest thing they will hear all day..we don't know what goes on behind closed doors...I may never see you in this lifetime Diane but I do know there is goodness in you..follow your heart sweetie....that's where your true spirit where is my 2 cents!?

Anonymous said...

I am sure I spend too much time on house doesn't look as clean as it used to!! lol
I do try to limit myself to visiting a few in the mornings and a few in the evenings...during the day, I don't get on it too much...
I also try to pre-schedule postings for a whole week, if I can. I get them all together, schedule them and then I don't have to get up early ea morning to is done by auto...I LOVE this feature as it saves me so much time, once I get everything lined up. Maybe this will help cut down on your blog time....
I LOVE BLOGGING and am willing to give up other things to have my blogging time...
Happy day..and love, bj

Susie Harris said...

Very very good post!!! I too feel this way sometimes. I see other blogs and they are so put togther with lots of nice pictures. I do feel stressed about it. I must be honest here... I have made so many dear friends.... you one of them! If I take a break will they come back? Will I miss something? I know it sounds silly and Im sure I will break from time to time. Sometimes when I had company over I posted days ahead. That way I could spend quality time with my friends.
As we all know anything can be addiciting (spelling?) I know that I am .... I found that out when our power went out for hours, yikes... I guess with anything you just need to limit your time. Thats my downfall... Im trying to get better at this. Guess you have heard enough from me but this post really hit close to my heart. Try not to get your feelings hurt. I know it's not easy. Im so easy to get mine hurt and there have been a couple that have really hurt me bad. Just put your chin up and keep on bloggin! Smiles!!!

Pat said...

Hi Diane!
Maybe the person who said that catty comment is secretly jealous of your ability to blog? A lot of people are not creative or have no computer skills or a desire to learn. I found that blogging has helped me to learn so many new things from both all the blogs I read and from blogging about what I see or what I'm interested in. It is mental exercise which is just as valuable as physical exercise -- we are told by medical experts to do things like crossword puzzles to keep our minds limber --I'd rather research a topic and write about it. I've appreciated what I've seen on trips and even a jaunt into Manhattan much more since I've been writing about those experiences, so I don't feel guilty at all about the time I spend online.
As long as you get the necessities done in your personal life and it's your free time then it's your choice what you do with your free time!

I have found myself off line more because of summer activities( and!) but I don't feel compelled to post every day ... I just post when I have something I want to write about and topics just seem to pop up all the

Just do it for your own enjoyment as often as you wish -- the best saying I've seen id "Blogging Without Obligation" Do it to make yourself happy!

I've enjoyed learning about your life is Mississippi and I enjoy your blog so I'm one of happy readers!

Hugs, Pat said...

Yep, I've heard it as well. We all choose our pasttimes - some spend hours playing golf; some quilt for hours on end; some read books for hours at a time; and some sit in front of the TV all the time. I prefer to do blogging (sometimes for an hour or two at a time) as well as do other things. I try to balance my time. I'm not a really good blogger - in that I can't manage all the "bells and whistles" that are out there - but, that would take more time than I'm willing to give right now. I do like to do it and I hope I'm always learning from being in touch with other bloggers. And, I know there are other people who really like reading my blog - they've told me lots of times. So, to each his own! Maybe bloggers are just a different breed of people!! PAM

Nancy said...

Hi Diane, Blogging can become addicting..why???? For me I have enjoyed meeting so many wonderful people, with the same likenesses as myself. I have learned alot of new things, recipes, decor tips, shopping tips, I have started thrifting again. Most people have a hobby or hobbies, some like to sew, some like knitting, some like painting,some...scrapbooking....people make time to do what they want to do..some people post their hobby on their blog.
I like to check on my blog in the morning after I have spent some time in prayer....then I get my chores done, and do a little exercise, clean ME up, then if I don't have anything to do or any places to go, I check on my blog in the afternoon, sometimes while super is cooking....Then, my BIG time on blogging is at night, because I am a night person.
I don't want blogging to take too much of my time, but with my boys gone so much, and hubby working, this is a way I can be creative, without spending any money, it has kept me out of Dept. Stores...the time I might would spend shopping, I spend blogging, so I have saved some money, and thrifting has really helped!
I also have a whole new list of friends that pray, and that means something to me that no one could believe, it's good to have praying friends all over this country!
I have thought about taking a break, but the most I can go without blogging is a couple of days. I don't try to post something everyday, but I can every couple of days.
It's your time and spend it the way you want to!!!! I will tell you, that your blog is one of the first I look at everyday, because I know you will always have something inspiring, I need inspriation sometimes! Keep up the great blogging you do for ME!! Blessings to you!! Nancy

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Hi Diane , I am so glad you posted on this subject . Sometimes I feel guilty about all the time I spend on blogging . But even my dr. told me to keep it up ! So-o-o-o I am following dr's. orders ! Seriously , he told me it was a great outlet for me . I can't stay as busy as I want to because of my health , the mind wants to do , but the body won't cooperate .
I Love all my new friends and wished I could meet each one of you . Until I started blogging I was going into depression and now it gives me something to look forward to, always thinking about what to put on my blog . And I have found a new love...photograghing.
Keep it up Diane , poo on what someone says, we enjoy you honey !

Dawn said...

I have friends that don't consider the computer an important feature in our lives and to do not think that it is a very "personal" or "useful" part of society.

I don't care what anybody thinks either. I made it my goal during the summer to be here every day. On Pink Saturday I spend abut 4 hours looking at blogs!!! My computer time will change when I go back to school as I am sure you can understand.

The friendships you make blogging are just as real as the friendships you make in person!

You need only do what is right for you. Everyone has given you great advice. There really are endless reason for blogging. The bottom line is if you like it, keep doing it!

take care,

Kim's Treasures said...

Hi Diane! Sheesh! I agree with Maxine! Blogging has actually inspired me more to make my house a bit nicer, think of others more, blogs have given me great recipes and ideas of how to save money by thrifting more and repuposing my thrift finds. I spend less money on magazines too by using blogging for decorating advice, craft and card making ideas and on and on.
I have most importantly met a lot of ladies who I call my friends and look forward to hearing from each included! :-D
Have a happy day!

Marie said...

I'm sorry someone said something so insensitive. :o/

I'm fairly new to blogging. I spend my mornings reading blogs and trying to blog on my own (when blogger is being cooperative!). The kids are at school, I drink a few cups of coffee and I get inspired! My magazines are piling up and I watch a lot less HGTV now that I have real, talented women that are kind enough to offer advice and/or a pat on the back. I love it. Some people bowl. Some people bake. Some people thrift and blog. hee hee And if you take a break from blogging I'll be sad... you are one of my newest MUST READS every day!

Nola said...

I'm sittin' over here in the "amen corner" nodding in agreement with all you said. I feel the same way, sometime. I am new to blogging, and loving it, so right now, I am spending a lot of time. But, as others pointed out, it's my leisure time, and others play golf, watch tv, whatever floats their boat; right now this floats my boat.
I don't feel I am wasting time; instead, I am reading, getting ideas that make me think, and getting away from the stresses of daily life. Like the song says "different strokes for different folks".

Sue said...

Hi Diane,
Just stopped by to say hello. I see your sweet picture around blog land.
I don't watch much TV either and do my blogging between household tasks. Other bloggers inspire me to keep going through out the day. Getting things ready to photograph also keeps me going. Bloggers are a great bunch.
I've found too that sometimes the biggest nay-sayers often end up starting their own blog, go figure.

Gretchen said...


I do try to post everyday. In fact, I wrote on my blog this morning that I'm feeling the pressure to keep up with all my projects, etc. for my blog.

Although I haven't been blogging that long, I have also been having more fun than I have had in a long time. You all make me laugh, make me cry and make me get off my butt and do things instead of sitting on the couch watching TV all the time.

March to the beat of your own drummer Diane. Those people don't know how much fun we're having.


Joanne Kennedy said...

When I first started to blog I would post every day, read everyone on my favorite list, reply to every comment sent and tried to find a new blog or two to add to my list of favorits.

Well, I couldn't keep doing that. So now, I post everyday but only because I sit down and do a few at a time then sheduele them to post later.

I can not read everyone's blog everyday so I try to read them at least once a week and while there read a few posts at a time to catch up.

I also can't reply to every comment any more. I will post to the new people and those who's blog I have not read in awhile. Otherwise, I just wait until its the day to read the persons blog and comment then.

Blogging can take up a lot of time but I look at it like a hobby. I would rather be here then watching tv or reading a book.

I don't care what people think anyway. I enjoy it and that is what matters.

Besides, most people think us bloggers have such exciting lifes as they could not think of something to write about everyday. So don't listen to them.


Brenda Kula said...

Blogging has become an integral part of my life. A lovely part of my life. Like some of the others, I no longer watch tv. But I spend "quality" time doing what I love. Visiting blogging friends, taking photos, reading. I have always been a huge advocate of reading, and you're reading, aren't you! Don't be hard on yourself. Just do what you feel like, and tell them to go straight "you know where I'm going with this!"

The Berry's Patch said...


Blogging is such a fantastic way for us to COME TOGETHER and share ideas and stories. And from people all over the world.

I was just thinking today what a blessing to have this form of communication.

I feel sorry for those that think it's not worth their time. I have changed so many things in my house and my life because of blogging.

To say that I will get sick of it is like saying I'm tired of getting new ideas. And that would be very sad & wrong.

Please don't let what other people say hurt your feelings. I love reading your blog!

Brandee :-) said...

I think you should blog as much as you would like to share!! If you want to share alot, then share alot!!!

Sometimes I have the time and cannot think of anything to say.

Maybe this other person has nothing to share, be it positive or negative, so they waste their time trying to figure out what other people do with their time.

Obviously they have a sad lonely life to take the time to talk about somebody else in a duragatory manner!!!

Blog on!!!!


Melissa Wertz said...

Number 1, it is none of her business how you spend your spare time. ;-) From what I can tell, looking at your blog, you do not watch a lot of TV and you are a fast typist and you get plenty else done!!!

Now, that being said, I have to go flylady my house ( and make sure I do not stay up until past midnight again for the 2nd or 3rd night in a row doing the 'help, I'm blogging and I can't stop' thing. I had to get a child off to school early and go teach a step circuit class this morning all bleary eyed. Not fun.

I am enjoying blogging. I am getting so much inspiration from you ladies. I have been in a slump with my house and home. DH loves seeing me finally post photos somewhere. He loves looking at all 3 of my blogs and is sharing them with friends.

Now I am ready to start sharing my crafts. I do some crafts from time to time. (Side effect of being VBS 'craft Czar' for a what is considered a mega sized church.) I have to test and plan out dozens of crafts for hundreds of children. Plus, I just like to do them for myself as well.

But, I am going to cut back so I am not staying up until midnight or later 'playing'. ;-)

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Hi Diane...I like Maxine's attitude!

I've been blogging a year and a half and have never taken a break, other than for vacation. The past couple of weeks I've posted more than usual. My normal blog posting is 2 per week. I think I would burn out, if I posted everyday.

We have busy lives and enjoy working on our home and gardens and going here and there around our area. These are fun subjects for blog posts, too.

I try to visit an hour to hour and a half in the morning and maybe visit a bit in the evening. I don't always get around to everyone on my list in one week..but I try to get to as many as possible and always try to get back to those who leave comments. This is another reason

I've only posted a couple of photos at my photo blog, lately...just no time.

I like the new feature that allows me to see when someone puts up a new post. That is a time saver, definitely!

I have read a book or two, this summer. As for TV, not much TV watching, here. I enjoy blogging and hope to continue for a long while. I've also had a couple of breaks that last a few days, while we're at the lake.

Happy weekend!

PAT said...

Looks like I left an unfinished sentence and now I don't remember what I was going to say!;-)

Mad Red Hare said...

Some people. The way I look at it is this, it is your life. If you are happy doing what you are doing, then so be it. I am like you, I really don't watch that much TV. I enjoy being online and looking at other blogs. I consider it a resource for creative people. Well at least if she is talking about you, she is leaving someone else alone!

a day in the life of bella said...

I am new to blogging and I wish I would have found it SOONER!

It is like I have made so many new friends, with the same interests as me.

I look forward to reading everyone's blogs everyday to see what they are up to and what they have created or decorated today.

I have also heard the 'you have too much time on your hands' thing and perhaps that is true...which also has played a part in this 'funk' I have been in for longer than I even want to think, but probably 4-5 years now...and that's a long time.

By blogging, I am getting MOTIVATED to finish up the projects around the house. Getting my house pretty makes me feel better, which is better for me and everyone around me.

Blogging has become a lifeline for me, therapy in a's a good thing for me.

I look forward to your posts, they make me smile:)

Very fondly,

nikkicrumpet said...

Wow...looks like you struck a nerve with this one. First I enjoy your blog. I try to visit it every day. I do spend a bunch of time blogging...even though I'm new. I enjoy meeting all you amazing people and getting ideas and seeing all the creative ideas. I figure as long as it's something that brings me joy and doesn't damage my relationship with my hubby...then it's all good! I don't feel pressured to post everyday...I'm sure some days I just won't have any ideas. And thats just gives me more time to visit everyone elses blog. Good post...I've enjoyed reading everyone's comments. Have a great night!!

dana said...

I feel like a "bobble-head doll" here. My head is bouncing up and down in agreement with the fine comments these folks kindly took the time to leave you.

I heartily agree that it is your time, your business. For me, as a new blogger too, I find I'm finally fitting it fairly well into my schedule. I personally don't attempt to post every day--I'm too slow, too dull, too busy. But hats off to those folks who want to and do! There's not a better way to spend your available time than to share with friends and visit friends--and as bloggers, we are friends.

You do what makes you happy--this is not supposed to be a job! (I guess some enterprising bloggers have done that--good for them!)

Angel said...

Who cares what someone else thinks. She was probably jealous that she doesn't even know how to get on the Internet, or has some other form of technological disability. Let her wallow in her need to believe that you must not have anything else important in your life just because you have a blog. Honestly. How ignorant is a belief like that? On the contrary, those of us in this blogging world need to have such full lives and active brains just in order to keep our blogs going! LOL Otherwise we'd have nothing to put out there to share.

Your blog is your creation. It is a piece of you that you are choosing to share with others. It is a hobby that makes you feel happy. You don't need to question it or it explain it to anyone. So, you spend as much time on it that you feel is right and makes you happy. :-)

Hooked on Houses said...

What an interesting discussion! Sorry I'm coming a little late to it, but I had to put my two cents in, as well, because a friend of mine actually said to my face, "You have too much time on your hands." And I have to say it irked me.

I love blogging, which is why I make time for it. We should all do more of what makes us happy, right?

For me, blogging means I don't get quite as much sleep as I used to because I'm blogging late at night (I have a day job and two kids). But I don't care because it's so much fun. I'd miss all of my blog-friends if I stopped.

I think the trick is for each of us to find the right balance for ourselves. I'm still working on it! -Julia :-)