Friday, February 6, 2009

Lucy and Dixie

Last week I posted a picture of my son Jonathan in the snow with Lucy, our beloved family pet. So in an effort to be fair, I am going to post a picture of Kelli with Lucy and her dog Dixie.

I don't know if you can tell from the expression on her face, but Lucy never cared too much for Dixie. Guess it was jealousy!

Kelli bought Dixie right after she got married. She missed Lucy so much and thought that she wanted a dachshund just like Lucy. Jonathan was with her, and loaned her the money. I always thought that was so generous of him!

Later, after Connor was born, she had to give Dixie to another family. She never was very good with children and didn't have the personality that Lucy had!

Some days I want another dog, and other days I wonder if I must be crazy to want to go through the puppy stage again!

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April said...

Hi Diane~
What pretty doxies, but their personalities can be so different. Ours is pretty docile, even though she DID bite Bella on the neck! That was completely out of character for her. My in-laws have always had doxies and the ones they have now are really have to watch them.

I must say that my favorite dog in the world is a Shih-Tzu...that's what Bella is. She's our second one and they have the sweetest dispositions you've ever seen! However, I completely understand how you feel...the puppy stage is no fun!

Happy Friday and thanks for sharing your cute photo!


Ironically I just told my husband that I would like a puppy (female Boston Terrier) for my 20 year anniversary in June! ;o)

Darlene said...

The puppy stage is a bit trying but they bring you so much love and affection. I can't imagine not having a dog.

SmilingSally said...

I know what you mean. We are a dachshund family, but have none at the time. It kills me because I so love those dogs, but any pet is WORK and we are getting tired of work!

CatHerder said...

awww theyre so cute!

Sherrie said...

We have two doxies. Katie and Bubba. Bubba will make up to you in a few minutes, but Katie is not a social butterfly. She will bark and growl under her breath the whole time you are there. Have a great day!!


Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Oh, they are so precious, and saw is Kelli. You can tell that he is jealous! Dogs just have such a way of expressing themselves without words. laurie

Nola said...

I wouldn't trade Chili, my doxie pup for anything in the world. I was a "cat person" all my life, but hubby loves dogs, so 3 months ago we adopted Chili, and life hasn't been the same since. He LOVES the kitties; they TOLERATE him. He is the best natured creature on earth, loves everyone. I can't imagine life without a dog now, thanks to Chili!

Linda said...

What adorable dogs (and daughter!) Isn't it amazing how much we love our 4-legged babies.

We were never "dog" people until we adopted our Jake 3 years ago. Now I couldn't imagine a day without him. Three months ago Jake ruptured a disc and now he is paralyzed in his hind legs. The doctor told us he would put Jake to sleep but there was no way we could do it. As much work as he is now, I still can't imagine not having him. They bring us such joy.

Kelli@SassySouthernMom said...

I remember this picture. The expression on Lucy's face is hilarious LOL Dixie was sweet too, but in a different way than lucy i guess.

I'm off work today...trying to do laundry, but can't get motivated. i'm tired...worked until 1030 last night, all day...

Deborah aka Miss Bee said...

I do see that look on Lucy's little face! You daughter is beautiful and it looks like redheads run in your family. I noticed that your son Jonathan has red hair brother Jonathan and I are the only ones in our family with red hair.

Thank you for sharing you family!

Anonymous said...

Easy solution,rescue one from the pound.I agree that puppy stage is awful.The poopin and the chewin.I don't know which is worse...Ann

Anonymous said...

You can NEVER have to many puppies or dogs.
I love puppy breath.
Go for it
Love Claudie

imjacobsmom said...

You know, dogs have their own personality. I have had the sweetest schnauzers over the years and then I got one little stinker. He was naughty, naughty, naughty! (The solution for that one was leave him the the ex-husband - they deserved each other - LOL)
Miles is the kindest, calmest, most loving dog. My nephew has a doxie named Gus. He's a mini. He gets stuck under the couch! He is the cutest thing! So smart, too. ~ Robyn

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Oh Diane got to love those fur babies..I had one I named Oscar Meyer a toy that I just your daughter hair color girl I pay good money for that color now ha ha!! hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Joanna said...

Precious little babies!

Shell in your Pocket said... funny !
-sandy toe

Bo said...

Oh yes do need another dog...they are good for the soul!
LOL, ;-) Bo

I am Harriet said...


Malisa said...

It is written all over his face. He has no love for the other dog! Ha!


Dawn said...

I keep thinking about getting a cat or dog. And then I think about all the work that it involves and I don't know if I'm ready for it!

I like the picture. No, I don't think I could tell that the dogs didn't like each other.

take care,

Judi said...

Hi Diane
Those puppies are so cute. Its too bad it didn't work out with Dixie though.
Oh I don't like the puppy stage having to train them and the little accidents and all of that. A good time to do that is in the spring and summer...
I'm glad Lucy is such a good little girl for you.
Hope you are having a nice Friday.

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Justabeachkat said...

Cute cute cute fur babies!


nikkicrumpet said...

So cute...but there does look like some doggy jealousy there lol

Cottage Rose said...

Hello Diane; What a cute photo. The babies are so so sweet looking.

Have a great weekend.

Blondie's Journal said...


So sorry Kelli couldn't keep Dixie (she was a cutie) but I'll bet Connor made up for it!! ;-)

Get another dog!! Milo did not like when Layla arrived but he is now trying to pretend he doesn't like her!! I think he loves the company and the fact Layla adores him!

In fact-get two more!!


Jon said...

Aw doggone it, go on and get another dog! A house is not a home until it has at least one dog. Two dogs make it twice better too.

I would be lost and in an empty nest without my two beloved terriers. Life is too short to be dogless. Ah, the comfort and joy they bring...not to mention all that unconditional love.

Jon at Mississippi Garden

Montee said...

We have never had a dog because we travel so much. My children would beg and I would almost cave in. My daughter is in college and my son will graduate high school in 2010, so sometimes I think I might want a little dog when he leaves home. Mmmm, naw.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Those are wonderufl, Doxies, Diane! I love their faces!

If you want another dog, consider getting a rescue who is already house broken. At they have rescues from every state in the country. Their stories are so touching. And the rescue groups are looking for people who will be good matches for their pets. You would be a great pet Mama, and I bet there's a dog just waiting for someone as special as you! :-)