Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Nighttime in New York

We spent 4 wonderful nights in New York. The first night, we visited Jonathan's apartment and met his landlord. We rode the subway to the Upper West Side and were able to find our way back without him as our guide!

The second night we went to see Altar Boyz, an off Broadway play. The third night we saw Jersey Boys, a musical about Frankie Valli and the 4 Seasons. The last night my sister and I went to see Mama Mia.

Usually, I would be so exhausted before we went from all the walking we did, but after we seeing the play, I would be re-energized and wide awake.

One night after we went to a play, my nephew Austin and I walked around near Times Square and decided to take a carriage ride. Here are some of the pics I took of New York at night.

Here's Austin in the carriage. We had zebra print throws to keep us warm, although it wasn't really that cold.

Here's our escort....sorry I didn't get his name. He was a sweetheart....took us right back to our hotel about midnight!
A night time pic of Times Square
This is Saint Patrick's Cathedral near the Rockefeller Center. It was beautiful at night!
We passed Radio City Music Hall.
Some ice skaters at the Rockefeller Center
We planned to go to the Top of the Rock to view the city that night, but didn't make it there in time to get our ticket. They stop selling them at 10:30! We were hungry when we left the shows, and usually stopped in a deli for a quick bite to eat.

I really enjoyed all three of the Broadway plays. If you ever go, you don't have to buy your tickets ahead of time unless you have a certain show that you just must see. At 3 pm each day, the Theatre Development Fund sells tickets for that night-and many of them are 1/2 price! They have a ticket booth near Times Square and in two other locations.

We bought 1/2 price tickets for Mama Mia and they were on the front row! I have to say Mama Mia was my favorite-I certainly had enough background knowledge about it since I saw the movie 3 times!

Have you been to a Broadway Play? I would love to know which ones you have seen and your reactions!

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Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer said...

Great photos! Looks like fun!


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Those pictures are wonderful, Diane! I loved them all, and how neat that you got to see all of those plays. My favorite musical I ever saw was "Cats." We saw that on the London stage, and there was a guy who was a baritone whose voice was so deep and liquid that it was truly catlike. Just a super musical with fun costumes, etc. In terms of Broadway plays... "Phantom" was my favorite. :-) And I saw a Broadway touring company rendition of "Showboat" which was fun. But NYC is special beyond words, and your pictures certainly show just that! Thanks for sharing, Diane.

Love to you,

Sheila :-)

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Diane!

I try to go to at least one Broadway play a year and TDF is the only way I go as half price tickets make it affordable.:-)
The last play I saw was "Curtains," starring David Hyde Pierce from the TV show Fraser. He was wonderful! I've seen Sally Field, Chris North(Mr. Big from Sex and the City), Brooke Sheilds, Judd Hersch..many other famous actors in Broadway plays. I'm hoping to see Susan Sarandon next. Do you believe I haven't seen Momma Mia as yet? LOL!
Glad you had a good time! Next time you coem to NY let's see a matinee together!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love those cheap tickets. New York is a magical place. Thanks for sharing your trip with us! Your photos were beautiful!

playsdolls said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful trip to New York.I would love to see a Broadway play one day
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Lois Christensen said...

I grew up in Queens NY!!! How much fun you must have had. The first Broadway play I ever went to was Cats with my hubby. I didn't know what to expect and was so pleased with it. I don't think he liked it at all, but still, what an experience!! I use to work in the Empire State Building on the 55th floor and my desk was right in front of a window that looked downtown, how beautiful that was!! Enjoyed your pictures!!!

April said...

I must admit...I am SO jealous! Your trip to the Big Apple sounds incredible! I'm really going to have to go one day! Love all your amazing pictures!

I have seen several Broadway favorite was "Cats". I, actually, saw it twioe. Another favorite of mine was "Lion King"...breathtaking puppetry and music! I could take in Broadway shows all day long!

SmilingSally said...

Your pictures are amazing; it looks like a fantastic time.

Did you like the play Mama Mia better than the movie? London has the same thing with tickets at a discount.

The Raggedy Girl said...

This must have been really exciting. I love the Times Square photo. What fun!

Roberta Anne

Darlene said...

I am really jealous and I MUST go to NYC!!! I want to take a trip there so badly!!!! I would LOVE to go see some of the plays there and since I have the Mamma Mia movie I'm sure I would have LOVED that one also!♥

Dawn said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time. Your pictures of NY are great. I would love to go on a horse driven carriage ride. No, I've never been to a Broadway play. I haven't been to NY since I was a teenager...many moons ago!

take care,

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Wonderful pictures! They brought back so many great memories for me. When my husband was in the military, we were stationed in NJ, an hr. from NYC. We often went into the City for plays. At the USO, we could wait until late in the day, and they would give free tkts. to some plays! We saw (and remember this was in the early 70's): Fiddler on the Roof, Jesus Christ-Super Star, The Rothchild's, & many others. What fun. Thanks for bringing back those memories. laurie

Joanna said...

I would love to see the big city lights at night! Great pics.

Anonymous said...

Mumphrey, Ainsley and I saw Wicked when we were in NYC! Loved it! We ate at the Rainbow Room before the show and it was sooo cool. The bellinis were worth every penny we paid for them! I know y'all had so much fun! Did you take any pics of where Jonathan is living??

Anonymous said...

Lucky you...we loved Phantom, Lion King..but I think my fave so far has been Les Miserables.

Kathy :)

nikkicrumpet said...

New York at night is so magical. I love the city. We adore going to Broadway plays...I've seen a bunch of them. My kids LOVED Spamalot. My mom loved 42nd street. But my all time favorite was Phantom of the Opera. I practically cried through the whole thing because it is such a beautiful production...and I couldn't believe I was actually seeing it in New York City!

Connie said...

What fun! We've been to New York twice and loved it. We spent our 30th Anniv there this past June. We got the discounted tickets and got good seats too. We saw Mama Mia and Grease in NY. We saw Wicked this year in LA too. The first show I saw was A Chorus Line over 30 years ago and Music Man was a long time ago too. I can't remember any others but I think there were one or two. Thanks for sharing your trip...I enjoyed the trip too. Connie

Lorrie said...

Diane I really enjoyed these pictures. I saw Altar Boyz last March in NYC and really enjoyed it. I've also seen Wicked. I'm so glad you had this trip to NYC--you've done and enjoyed so many different things.