Thursday, November 13, 2008

Seasonal changes & a fun hobby!

This year we have had a very beautiful fall in Mississippi! Our trees don't put on the show that they do in New England and lots of the mid western states, but this year I think the leaves have been exceptionally pretty!

This is a view that I have from my front porch. I love the reflection of the trees in the lake in the late afternoon.

And of course after fall along comes winter! We usually have reasonably mild winters here...not too many days that are below freezing and a snow is rare.

A favorite winter hobby for many in the south is feeding the birds. Recently I took a quiz on the Better Homes and Garden site and was surprised at how little I knew about bird feeding.
How much do you know about feeding birds? Click here to take the quiz!

During fall break, Connor and I made some pine cone bird feeders. This is a project we always did at school that is so easy! Cover a pine cone with peanut butter, and roll in birdseed...that's all there is to it!
Then use lightweight wire or fishing line to hang from trees!
This year, I would like to learn more about what to put out to attract different birds. If you have any bird feeding tips, please post a comment

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Anonymous said...

GM Diane...I would be thrilled with ANY changing of the leaves. Or a cold winter. We have the air on now. GRRRR....How nice of you and Conner to make bird feeders. That's sweet.


Bo said... are the greatest are building such wonderful memories for Connor and for little Cooper too as he gets older. I'm going to take the quiz later, but I don't think I will score too well. ;-) Bo

Anonymous said...

Diane, I admire you so much for your constant fun things you do with your grands. The bird seed thing is so easy. I want to feed the birds but if the bears around here smell bird seed they will do anything to get to it. Our property is next to a wildlife sanctuary which I love, but there are drawbacks. The good outweighs the bad though. smile.

Have a wonderful day.


Deb said...

Such an incredible view Diane! Beautiful picture. Thanks for the Bird Feeding link - we feed the birds year round and found that the suet baskets really appeal to most birds. We have tons of woodpeckers now who love suet, but have seen bluejays, cardinals and sparrows eating it too :-) How great that you and your little grandson make treats for the birds together!

Shell in your Pocket said...

How fun...we use to read the book about the pinetree after put it out for the bird and do the pinecones.

What a sweetie that little boy is...bless his heart!
-sandy toes

Picket said...

Morning girl...Beautiful view of the Fall colors across that lake! I love birds girl and I just put out the sunflower seeds and the mixed birdseed..we get all kinds in our backyard...I love seeing how different seasons bring different birds...I think we are in the main stream of their migration path! lol..Your beautiful grandkids are like little sponges and you are filling them up with the greatest love and memories!

Nola said...

What a great activity to share with the grandkids. Things like that make the beautiful memories that help get you through life!

Darlene said...

Morning Diane,

Your view from the front porch is AMAZING...I would want to sit out there all day!!!

Love those pine cone feeders for the birds. Lexi has brought one home from school the past several years.

Grandma Faith said...

Wow, your view is fabulous! I don't know about feeding birds, but that pinecone idea is wonderful. Love, Faith

pammiejo said...

Beautiful view! The colors have been beautiful this year - ours our gone here in Kansas now - last week's wind saw to that! We have terrific luck with safflower seed - the birds seem to like it best. We feed lots of birds. We do attract alot with suet. The cardinals also like the "Cardinal Blend" that has some fruit in it. This year I'd like to try some oranges or grapefruit to see if I can attract some new birds. Our bird feeders are really busy now - you get a show all the time. We go through tons of sunflower seeds. PAM

Beth at Aunties said...

It is so gorgeous. What a soothing view! I would just sit on your porch all day.

Conner making the pine cone birdfeeders brought back memories of what we did with our children. I need to do it with my grandchildren. We do have lots of snow in the winter and some birds stick around for it and
I miss our bird friends who do fly south.

Have a good week!

CIELO said...

Wow, as soon as blogger let me in and I saw that beautiful blog banner I felt joy coming over me.... such a cute little pumpkin angel... :)

Have a lovely day Diane...


Rusty-Prim said...

Those pine cones are a great idea! Sounds fun and easy - will try it with the boys!

I also like to feed just with apples..looks wonderful in the winter...

Greetings from Germany-

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Diane, that Connor is about the cutest thing going! Precious little boy! I love that hair!!!

I might have to try the seed cone. My mother in law feeds birds, too, and she would probably love this. Thanks for the tip!



Dawn said...

What a pretty picture! I love the colors of fall. I am not very knowledgable when it comes to birds. I do like the bird feeders. Mackenzie made me one last year that I hung with pride from my tree.

take care,

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

That front porch view is incredible!! I'm missed out on good foliage this year...been so wrapped up in the shore house. I'm heading to Woodstock, NY, this weekend and even though it will be past peak I'm hoping a few of the leaves hung in there for me! :-)

Lorrie said...

Hi Diane--I love your pinecone feeders, it's a favorite of mine. I do know that lots of birds prefer black oil sunflower seed, espcially cardinals who are ground feeders. Goldfinches love thistle seed, and woodpeckers like suet.

We have to be careful here in my area of NC these days feeding birds, because the feeders also attract raccoons who can carry rabies.

Keep a log this winter and see how many different types of birds you get!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the info on the pinecone birdfeeders. I've never made them before but my grandchildren would love them too.


nikkicrumpet said...

I love feeding the birds here. We get such an amazing variety. But it's so hard because you have to be really creative on how you feed them. Or those blasted squirrels just EAT EVERYTHING. Rotten little buggers. The pine cone idea only works if we find a way to hang it so the squirrels don't get there first...which is pretty much impossible!

Alexandra MacVean said...

Hi Diane...the view and reflection is stunning! wow! And Connor..well, he looks like he is having alot of fun! :)

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Diane!
I love to feed the birds too! I just buy a mixed seed and if the birds don't eat the squirrels do
:-) The pine cone feeders are a great idea. I'm going to take the BH&G quiz too...thanks for the link!

Your view is beautiful! It must be so peaceful where you live.

Hope your son is having luck in his search --let me know if I can do anything!

Hugs, Pat

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

There are those cutie pies looking back at me ! Connor looks like he has it mastered.

Nancy Rosalina said...

Hi Diane, I remember doing this project with my boys, when they were little! It really is fun! Your a wonderful grandmother!!!! Nancy