Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Trash to Treasure: New and Old

Welcome to Trash to Treasure on Tuesdays!

If you have any treasures that someone else 'trashed' please add your link to Mr. Linky.

My Trash to Treasure this week is this set of acrylic coasters I found at a garage sale this week for 50 cents. I've always wanted some of these, but hadn't ever bought any. They hold the little party size napkins. I just happened to have these fall ones left over from my Southern Living at Home party, and replaced the jungle print napkins that were in them. I googled these, and found some for 12.95! So I think I did pretty good to get a set for 50 cents!

Connor went with me Saturday morning, and we got a much later start than usual, so I didn't buy much. But sometimes just buying one little thing is better anyway!

This little chest below is a 'treasure' that was bought over 30 years ago at a yard sale! It has been all over the house and used for lots of purposes. I'm thinking of doing something different with it-painting it maybe- and using it in the bonus room. I can't bring myself to get rid of it although we don't use it anymore. I can remember taking Kelli to the sales when she was a baby. She was always taking everything in with her big blue eyes just like Connor and Cooper do now! I's sure she was with me when I bought this.

What do you think? Should I paint it? I may use it to store craft supplies.

Shelia(The Quintessential Magpie) sent me a picture of her Trash to Treasure. She comments frequently on quite a few blogs, but has not got one of her own. Here are her comments and picture:

We found these fishing lures in an old tackle box in a house that my husband and I bought years ago. We bought the house to save it from the wrecking ball (precious little late Victorian cottage in very original condition), fixed it up, and sold it (never living there). My hubby climbed in the attic and brought down the tackle box with all of these neat wooden lures. I put them on a creel and hung them in a little alcove at our house with other fish related items... fish prints, lure wallpaper, etc. Thought they were fun. The people who sold the house didn't want them. They also had an antique whiskey jug (medicinal, I'm sure) with a corncob in it. I didn't open it in fear of what was in it... I imagine it was pretty "ripe." ;-)

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Gone said...

Hi Diane...

I'm happy to be participating today. I'm looking forward to sharing some of my other "finds" as time permits.


Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

I loovveee the chest! Please don't get rid of it. :-) I like it "as-is," actually, but if you paint it, maybe a deep, dark blue or red -- or even black, so you can sand down and weather some spots. I just love that detail on the front, though, and would hate for it to get lost.

I have some trash -- literal trash! -- an old oil stove that we recently found that I still need to turn in to a treasure. Hopefully it will be blog-worthy some day soon. :-)

pammiejo said...

I have several good friends that have paid the $12.95 for those very same coasters. We all really liked them. Good purchase. I say paint the chest. PAM

Missy Wertz said...

Love the chest and I would be tempted to leave it just like it is.

Shelia did a good job displaying her items as well.

nikkicrumpet said...

50 cents is a heck of a deal! ya gotta love saving money and getting something good! Have a great Tuesday!

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Hi Diane, I found some napkin holders like these at a yard sale, too...back during the summer! I had never even seen them in a store! Though they were pretty cool! Didn't know they were that costly! LOL! I think mine might have been a whole dollar! :)

So excited to be participating in your event today. Thanks for hosting! ~Rhonda :)

SmilingSally said...


You're so bright to think of all of these things and grab all of those bargains.

Now, that chest. I would not paint it. I like the color of wood. Maybe you could shellac it so that it'd be fresh.

Anonymous said...

hey Diane, you know I think I'd leave the chest...hmmmm nice not trash!


Lorrie said...

Good Morning Diane--I found a treasure to enter on my blog in today's Trash to Treasure and my first experience with Mr. Linky went just fine, so I'm excited to be taking part!

I love your little chest, I think you should keep it. The wood is pretty.

Good for you for taking Connor with you on Saturday--gotta train 'em early!

Darlene said...

I LOVE that chest, no way could I get rid of that. Those napkin holders are great too!

MARIA said...

Good Morning Diane!
My advise is not paint that chest.
Only in wood color renovation.

Have a great day!

Bo said...

Morning Diane...oh, that chest is a treasure! I'm for NOT painting it....and what a find on those coasters...so many possibilities!
I'm off to visit the others.;-) Bo

Kelli@SassySouthernMom said...

I'll take it if you don't know what to do with it! LOL. I didn't know you were thinking about moving it somewhere else. I love it. I wish i knew how to participate in your trash to treasure...

Southern Lady said...

Diane, I love the chest unpainted, too. I had to laugh at Kelli's comment about "taking it if you don't know what to do with it." I've heard that from my daughter Whitney many times ... lol

I signed up with Mr. Linky, but don't see my name on your list of participants. I guess I did something wrong, but I do have a post for today and look forward to seeing everyone's treasures.

Southern Lady said...

P.S. ... I love Sheila's "fishing vignette." I'm sure her husband was excited to find those old lures.

Sheila writes such sweet and gracious comments to everyone and I wish she would create a blog. I've often wanted to reply to her sweet comments she's left for me.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Diane, I hope my trash to treasure is ok to post as such. I thought it couldn't be anything BUT trash to treasure. My daughter and her family are already in love with Tanner.

Your coasters are a great buy. I have those very same fall napkins. Love em!

The 'treasure' chest is wonderful. I would paint it as an accent piece for sure. There was a time I would never paint wood but change is good and I am loving the painted pieces that have been shared in the blog world.

Hugs and love...Jeanne

Anonymous said...

Darn I forgot the fabulous fishing lures and basket. It is great that you non-blogging friend sent you the photo for all of us to share. I adore the story behind it and her room looks so cute. I wish I coul see the whole room.


Anonymous said...

Hi Diane
hmmm I'm not sure whether I would paint that old chest. It has such a nice style and I think it looks so good like that. You might lose the whole oldness of it if you do. But you never know.

That little grandson of yours is just toooo darling. Love the picture. At least you got a little bit of thrifting done with him there. I bet its not his very favourite thing to do ... yet. :o)
Have a great day

Dawn said...

Good morning Diane. Thanks for linking me. I got to sleep in this morning :). I like those napkin holders. Boy you find some great deals.

I love that chest!! I am a fan of the natural wood color. I've never been brave enough to paint!

Sheila's fishing find story was a good one. I don't think I would have taken the corn cob out of that jug either!!

take care,

Deb said...

I like the wooden chest just the way it is but my daughter Kate paints all her Trash to Treasure finds white and they always look so wonderful and fresh afterwards. Your coasters were a great find - so many possibilities!

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Hi Diane, I like those acrylic napkin holders too. And go for it, paint the chest ! Let us know what color you do it in.
I'm going to have to make a note to post in your Monday thingie.

Christie said...

Hey Diane!
Oh I just love trash to treasures...that's just the funnest thing in the world to me...
What a fun post...I love that chest too...

Picket said...

Morning Diane! Ohhhh I love your trash to treasure day! You know I love that chest and I would have done painted painted it black and sanded the edges a little...but that is just me girl! lol Love what Shelia did with the lures...I have some of my grandfather's old fishing lures..that is a great idea! Girl I love the new header pic..please tell me what site you used to create it! I gotta go visit the others that are doing the trash to treasure...take care girl and have a great day!

Picket said...

Diane..me again...could you please e-mail Shelia and tell her she won the raggedy doll over at Nanna's Place and she needs to go there and e-mail Nanna and give her address so she can get the doll in the mail...thanks girl!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Picket! I just came on here, and I won that doll??? You're kidding me! I'm so very excited. I will race over there right now.

Diane, I love the chest, and I like it the way it is or painted. I can see you doing a "Rhoda" on it by painting it and sanding the corners, and I also like it like it is now. It's a cute piece and definitely a treasure.

Thanks for letting me play by posting my lures. I have them secured up there pretty well, but at first I used to worry that they would fall on someone's head (probably mine) and hook em! ;-)

I'm rushing over right now to go get my doll! Can you see me doing a happy dance???

Sheila :-)

Anonymous said...

I love those coasters!

Your chest is wonderful and I also enjoyed seeing Sheila's lures. J would love those.

Great Trash to Treasure Tuesday post, Diane.

Anonymous said...

Hi Diane!! Oh, I love your chest and I know whatever you decide to do to it will be wonderful. Now, I love your header! You've been busy changing things, haven't you?
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Blogger said...

I love those coasters, I've never seen those before. They'd be perfect for me because I am a big coaster kind of gal and because I adore decorative napkins...I am always looking in the clearance bins for napkins, lol.

Paint the chest with chalkboard paint and have a good old time with it, lol.

Are you doing this Trash To Treasure every Tuesday now? I will have to try and remember that:)


Anonymous said...

I love your coaster idea. For 50 cents you can't go wrong. Love your new header, too! :-)

Nancy Rosalina said...

Hi Diane, I love your header! Love the chest too. About painting it...maybe black or just leave it as it is...it is beautiful. nancy

Alexandra MacVean said...

Hi Diane...I love your goodies. What a neat idea to be able to change the design of your coasters for each season. And NO..DON'T paint it. I like it the way it is! :)

PS I posted a new short video of me singing. =O

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Diane
Your coasters are fun -- it's nice to be able to change up the photo.
Oh, and I love that chest and if you don't want it I'll take it --lol! It's great for all kinds of storage. I'd leave it "as is" -- it shows character.
Shelia treasure is wonderful too -- I bet those lures are valuable collectibles!

Hugs, Pat


That is such a pretty chest, Diane, I'm not sure if it should be painted or not!