Thursday, June 5, 2008

I can see clearly now!

Wednesday I had cataract surgery. It was not nearly as bad as expected. Dr. Jonathan Moore did the procedure in Meridian. If you are looking for a good eye doctor in Meridian, I would highly recommend him.
Everyone was great...nurses and all of the hospital staff at Riley hospital were wonderful.

My eye is swollen and really red, but I can see so much better! I wish I had done this long ago!
One of the first things I noticed was how dirty my house was! My friend Janet said her mother said the exact same thing after her cataract surgery. Guess I need to visit and get some tips. LOL

For more information on cataracts:

And a special thanks to Beth for taking me, and picking me up!


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hello Diane!
I feel the same way when I put on my reading glasses! I just don't notice the house dust without them!

I saw your comment to Pat at "My Back Porch" and I came over to say hello!

Your grandson above is the cutest! I'm expecting my first grand child in December --can't wait!

Hugs, Pat in NY