Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Trip to Paris

Mommy Holly and Heidi have asked us to plan our dream vacation. Here's mine!

My dream vacation would be to go back to Paris! This time I would go with my husband, and any and all family and friends that would like to go! That includes any of new blogging friends!
Since money is no object, we would stay 2 or 3 weeks. If my kids or anyone else wanted to come home early, that would be okay!
Paris...the city of lights!
When in Paris before, we were only there 4 days. Hardly enough time to explore all the little shops! Here is a flower market pic that I took from the outside. This time, I'll have plenty of time to go in!

We made it to this French department store about 30 minutes before closing after a full day of sight seeing. On my dream trip, I will devote several days to shopping since I'll have unlimited funds!
When I was in Paris before, it was COLD!! This time I'll go in the spring, so there won't be a need for all the heavy coats! There will be alot more going on along the side of the river Seine during the warmer weather! We would see lots more artists at work! Maybe one of them will do our portrait!

We did go to several little restaurants while in Paris. It was fun, and I enjoyed every minute even though they were always crowded! On this trip, we would probably just reserve the entire cafe!
We walked past the Opera and I took this pic from the outside. Time didn't allow for a tour, or show. On this trip, we would attend as many of the events there as we wanted to!We did manage to make it to Moulin Rouge one night. On our fantasy trip, we would have baby sitters along for all the young ones so we wouldn't have to worry about their safety!
We would also have plenty of time to enjoy the parks in Paris! They were pretty in the winter, but I can't wait to see them in the spring!
Since we have unlimited money, we would stay at the Ritz! It is close to everything...including the river. All the rich and famous stay there!
Here is the Berne Opera where we stayed before. It was cute and cozy...but definitely not the Ritz!
We would have our own tour guide and reserve this entire bus for our friends and family! Our tours to the museums and landmarks would be private and given by the best guides!
And since it will be warm weather, we won't have to worry about snow in Paris that will delay our flight home!
Leave me a comment so I'll know to make your reservation.....pack your bags, and I'll see you at the airport! Bonjour!


Southern Lady said...

Diane, it sounds like you've already had your dream vacation to Paris, except for the weather, maybe.

I enjoyed your post and pictures and hope you get to go back to see Paris in the springtime.


Dawn said...

The pictures were lovely! I hope you enjoy your "trip". You sure have a fun filled few weeks planned :) Will there be French lessons included?

take care,

Heidi said...

Oh Diane, I will definitely be among your blogging friends that will go to Paris with you!...What great pictures!I Paris is definitely one of the places I would LOVE to see! Thank you so much for sharing & being part of this "vacation day"...Holly is my daughter! We are having a great time with our blogging! I started first, girls teased me mercilessly & then the next thing I knew they both were blogging!?...I will be visiting you often!...Heidi :)

Schotzy said...

To really live a dream is so amazing! I pray that my dream trip will come true to! If my husband would hurry up and retire! Argh! Super trip!

PAT said...

Hi Diane!

I enjoyed your trip to Paris! The photos are great!

I published my favorites at the end of my Leftover Makeover post, today.


Kelli said...

Such wonderful pictures, I would love to go to Paris someday!
P.s. Thank you for the sweet anniversary wishes!

BailiwickStudio said...

My dream vacation finishes up in Paris, so I'd love to join you at the Ritz! ::Jill

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Diane, Pack your bags...let's head on out to Paris, which I am dieing to visit, too, and then we'll hop on over and finish our vacation in Scotland! Sound good to you??? LOL! Ashley says you are a woman with class...since you want to go to Paris! LOL!

Great post! Hugs, Rhonda ;)

Tonya said...

Paris is lovely in the winter, I didn't realize it snowed there! What a lovely vacation : )

Shirl said...

Oh my what a beautiful vacation you had in Paris. I love the winter and that would have been beautiful. I find it very romantic to travel in the cold snowy weather. Your pics are just beautiful!
Blessings, Shirl
Shirls Rose COttage

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I've never been to Paris but it on my list of places I have to see --would love to go along with you!

Hugs, Pat

Anonymous said...

I so want to go with you. It's just what I need.

Mya said...

I am packed and ready to go to Paris. It looks like you had a wonderful time. I can't wait to visit for real some day.

Joanne Kennedy said...

Oh PLEASE take me along. You have just described my dream vacation too.

I have promised to take my great niece to Paris when she turns 10. I have three more years to wait.

Last year I gave her a Paris themed party for her birthday. It was fun.


mommyholly said...

Yeah! Book me a reservation with you, Diane!!! I would LOVE to got Paris someday!! :) Loved your photos, they were so great! Thanks for vacationing with us! xoxo

molly said...

Nothing like Paris! Oh how I would love to flea market there. I enjoyed dreaming today with you!

Cessan said...

I enjoyed my trip to Paris with you! Thank you for showing me around, there are always new places to discover!:-)

lowlander said...

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