Tuesday, June 24, 2008

San Antonio Day 2

On the second day we were in San Antonio, we went downtown. It was my first time in San Antonio, and I was amazed at how beautiful the city is. First we went to the Riverwalk. The Riverwalk is the 2nd most visited attraction in Texas according to our tour guide. He told us that the Riverwalk was only about 30 years old, and was the brainchild of two women! Not surprising is it?? I can't believe they were able to pull all of it together!
Here is a picture of our group on the Riverwalk from left to right:
Sandie from North Carolina,Lewis from Mississippi, Diana from Orlando, Janet from Mississippi, Maude from Miami and France,and me!

The pictures taken really do not do justice to the Riverwalk! It is much more beautiful than the photos show!

Another Riverwalk photo:

We browsed several shops. This picture was taken at one of my favorite shops. (Sorry...didn't get the name) This is a tree of collectable fairies! I have not seen these any where else.

We visited the Alamo early in the day, which may have been a mistake...it was pretty crowded. I think everyone else had the same idea! We rented the headphones for an audio tour, but were nearly through with the tour before we figured out which buttons to press!

Finally, we ate lunch at the Rain Forest Cafe. This was my first experience there! I want to take Connor....maybe one will come to Birmingham or New Orleans. Overall, I enjoyed my trip to San Antonio. Part of the fun for me was visiting with old friends and meeting new ones too. I already knew Janet, Lewis, and Diana...and met Maud and Sandie for the first time.
When I go back, I'll go with my husband, we'll stay downtown, and we'll go in the spring or fall! It was hotter in Texas than in Mississippi!


Dawn said...

Looks like fun! I was laughing at the comment about the headphones. That is something I would do LOL! I have never been to a Rain Forest Cafe. They always look like a fun place in pictures I've seen.

take care,

Picket said...

Morning friend....looks like a fantastic trip...I would have loved the river walk! I came by to say thanks for coming by my blog and for the sweet comment...I use to blog every day but just can't keep it up right now with all the activity that goes on in our large family! lol I'm just thankful anyone remembers me! lol Take care girl and have a great day!!!

Rue said...

Hi Diane :)

It looks like you had a great time there. I really need to make a trip to Texas, because my family on my mom's side is all down there. They're distant relatives, but I'd still like to see where I came from :)

Thank you for telling me the story about your daughter. It gave me hope :)

Have a great day!

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Glad you are enjoying your trip! Love the little fairies on the tree...how cute!

Hugs, Rhonda ;)

Sugarplum Cottage said...

Oh I what to go! But on second thought, maybe not if it was hotter than MS. Looks like you had lots of fun. Thank you for all your visits and sweet comments on my blog. Hugs, RoseMarie

mommyholly said...

Sounds like such a fun trip... I have never been there, but would love to visit there someday!!! :) xo!

mommyholly said...

Sounds like such a fun trip... I have never been there, but would love to visit there someday!!! :) xo!

Anonymous said...

If you would have went down town to the antique mall you could have seen my booth=) Next time you are there go visit and then go eat at the Down town cafe. Great country food.